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"Mom...I have a C"

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Q: What is the best way to tell your parents that you have a C in school?
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How do you tell parents you lost phone?

The best way to tell them is to not beat around the bush and tell them straight up.

How do you tell your Christian parents that you have a girlfriend?

The best way to reveal something is to tell the complete truth. Parents are usually understanding if you are truthful from the beginning.

How do you tell your parents you like vore?

There's often no easy way to tell your parents about something that confuses you or that you're ashamed of, so the best way to do it is simply just to do it. Never keep secrets from your parents.

What is the best way to hide bad behavior at school from your parents?

Just don't talk about it

What is the best way to deal with a degrading punishment at school?

Have your parents professionally approach the school administration or board of education.

How do you tell your parents you want to quit cadets Pleases help me?

The best way to tell your parents you want to quit the cadets is to cit them down and explain what is going on. Many parents will understand completely.

What can you do to stop bullying in your school?

Tell an adult, or the best way is to stick up to the bully or ignoring it.

How can you tell your parents that your pregnant?

A way to tell your parents that you are pregnant is to tell them with spoiling them.a good way to that is to take them out to eat or buy them something they really want.

What is the best way for a sixteen year old to tell her parents that she is pregnant?

Tell them not to get mad and then tell them. You might want someone to support you when you are telling them so that you are not too nervous.

What is the best way to tell your parents that you have been going through puberty?

Your parents probably figured this out by now. You can sat down with them and tell them this when you see that they are not busy. You can also write them a not if you find it hard to sat with them.

Whats the best way to persuade your parents to let you go on holiday with your best friend?

Tell them that you are very mature now and show them that you are mature.

How do you get your parents to shut up about school?

I am going to tell you one way. It might not work if your parents are mean. If you want them to stop talking about school, you can just bring up another topic. For example: " And you should always try your best"-mom "You need to stay focused"-dad "what's your favorite food?"-you

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