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This will quite possibly involve an engineer, as the wall is most likely structural. Before you begin, make a trip to your local building department and verify what will be required. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that there are existing documents or an excepted alternative to engineering. Your local building official is the only one who can determine this for you. Hope this helps! Terry

2008-08-12 00:39:47
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Q: What is the best way to transition from a concrete basement wall ground surround to a stud wall exposed?
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What is the definition of an unfinished basement?

The definition of an unfinished basement is a basement or lowest floor of a house that has not had finishing done on walls, floor and possibly ceiling. An unfinished basement would have just the foundation concrete for the floor and walls, with the the workings of the ceiling exposed.

Can you add a basement as living sq ft?

If the basement is "finished" then yes. If it's a typical basement with exposed joists, no.

Why do your feet feel cold when they are exposed to a concrete floor in winter?

aaah! bcoz it's concrete!

Cold water pipe exposed in basement sweating water drips?

It's colder in the basement than the water coming in the pipes. Seal up the vents and drafts in the basement. Wrap the pipes

What transition metal rusts when exposed to oxygen?

Iron rusts in the presence of Oxygen.

what is a class 5 finish for concrete?

A class 5 finish is meant for concrete exposed to the weather and/or harsh conditions.

Is there a detox for being exposed to radon gas?

Possible solutions for radon mitigation: good ventilation of the house, ventilation under the basement, plastic filter under the basement, good finishing of the basement and walls, etc.

Why does concrete floor get real hot?

Could be a thermostatically controlled heating source embedded in the concrete, or it may be that the concrete is absorbing heat from the sunlight to which it's exposed.

concrete injection leveling?

form_title=concrete injection leveling form_header=7633 How would you best describe the concrete damage?*= [] Heaving [] Settling [] Cracking "Are there any special applications, or finishes, on the concrete that is being repaired?"*= [] "Special color, stain, or other additive [] Lightweight concrete [] Exposed aggregate finish [] Smooth trowel finish [] Brush textured finish (slip-resistant) [] Salt finished" Please identify the location of the concrete leveling project.*= [] Finish floor in a living space [] Subflooring in a living space [] Garage or basement floor [] Driveway/parking area [] Exterior walkway/patio [] Pad for a light structure [] Steps

Where can you buy concrete retarder to create an exposed finish in Calgary Alberta?

When we did our exposed concrete finish we used white sugar. This was a process used by our concrete finisher. He mixed it like a syrup and sprayed the forms. I used regular granulated sugar because it was a flat surface and I didn't have a sprayer... could try it on a small project first.

Is exposed aggregate pool decking cool enough for a desert climate?

Exposed aggregate even in coastal climates can be very hot to walk on with bare feet, just like every other concrete or stone. Exposed aggregate is one of the best non-slip surfaces for around a pool. Besides going into specific customized rubberized toppings it is the best non-slip for a concrete.

How do you spell spaulling for concrete?

Spalling: To break into fragments or small pieces."Spalling can be described as the breaking of layers or pieces of concrete from the surface of a structural element when it is exposed to the high and rapidly rising temperatures"

What kind of DIY projects can a conduit elbow be used for?

Conduit comes in many styles and is used to run electrical wiring in exposed locations in and around your home. It may be a basement, garage, barn, laundry areas, and also exposed areas.

Concrete Finishing Overlay or Coloring?

form_title=Concrete Finishing Overlay or Coloring form_header=7643 Please make a selection of where the special finishes will be applied.*= [] Interior finished floor [] Garage floor [] Driveway/parking area [] Exterior walkway [] Basement floor [] Patio [] Pad for a light structure [] Steps [] Pool deck What are your favorite types of concrete finishing? (Choose all that apply)*= [] Brushed (slip resistant) [] Salt finished [] Overlayment (new layer applied over existing concrete) [] Design stenciled or etched into concrete [] Granite or Slate simulation [] Brick or cobblestone simulation [] Colored exposed aggregate (stones) [] Shiny wet look sealer [] Colored concrete [] Plain concrete with decorative borders [] Smooth troweled finish [] Complement house/yard [] Match a sample

What is the difference between reinforced concrete and pre stressed concrete?

Both are methods of making concrete better at dealing with tension. Reinforced concrete is concrete that has a material that is good at dealing with tension added to it, typically steel, in the areas that are going to be subjected to tension. Prestressed concrete is concrete that is subjected to an extra compressive force, usually applied by placing a steel rod inside of the concrete that is stretched and then releasing the rod during curing thus placing the concrete beam in compression. then when the beam is exposed to tension the extra compression is negates the tension rather than the concrete being placed in tension.

Is conduit required for basement electrical outlets?

Conduit is not required for residential electrical IF THE WIRING IS BEHIND THE WALL. If it's exposed wiring, you'll need to use conduit.

Can children sleep in an unfinished basement?

If an unfinished basement is to be used as a sleeping area it needs to be: * dry * ventilated * warm * have both natural light and artificial light fittings that work * have a safe egress in case of fire etc. * be electrically safe (no incomplete cabling or exposed wires) * have no tripping or falling hazards * have no exposed hazardous materials (including some insulation) * it may also need to have smoke alarms etc.

How do photochromatic lenses work?

Photochromatic lenses are commonly called transition lenses. The lens is clear, but when exposed to the sun's UV rays, they will darken like sunglasses.

What are the vaiours types of electronic transition observed in organic compounds when exposed to Ultra violet and visible light?

Transitions involving p, s, and n electrons

What is the differences between C30 Concrete and C40?

The number relates to the compressive strength of a cube of concrete when tested (i.e. 30 N/mm2 or 40N/mm2) The higher the number the greater the strength of the concrete. The choice of concrete grade is usually made at the design stage for the strucutre and effects the overall strength and resistance of the strucutre to decay. You would use a higher strength concrete in a more exposed environment. It is important to use the concrete grade specified for the proposed strucutre.

What is the difference between portland cement and type II cement?

The portland cement is used in general construction.The type-II cement is used in general concrete construction exposed to moderate sulphate action. i.e.,Concrete to be used in marine conditions.Concrete to be used in the construction of sewage treatment works.

How do you make your mare go into heat?

Mares that are already cycling (have already gone through transition and have ovulated) can be brought into heat with the use of prostaglandin products to "reduce" a CL and return the mare to heat.Mares that are not cycling can be exposed to an increased photoperiod to simulate increasing daylight which will bring the mare out of seasonal anestrus, in to transition and in to heat earlier than will happen if the mare is merely exposed to normal day/night length.

What is the ratio of building sand to Ordinary Portland cement needed to build a garden wall in an exposed position?

Use concrete if you will have any dirt behind the wall.

Replacing swimming pool ladder anchors in concrete what is the best tool to use to cut out the concrete?

It depends on how large a hole you want to leave One way is to get the smallest concrete cutting disk you can hire and cut a square piece of concrete with the old anchor in it drill some holes in the side of the newly exposed concrete put pins in them sticking out so that when you refill the hole with new concrete and the new anchors the new concrete can't start moving. Use stainless steel for the pins, they can be bolts or any thing you can find, so long as they don't rust and are reasonably strong.

Foundation Drainage Installation?

form_title=Foundation Drainage Installation form_header=8673 What is the reason for foundation drains to be installed or replaced?*= [] "Water leaks through walls [] Basement floods during storms [] Excessive dampness [] Concrete shifting or cracking [] Discoloration, odors or rust [] Mold, mildew, and /or fungus" Please describe the current condition of the area requiring drainage?*= () Wall is exposed () Wall is not exposed Are you repairing an existing foundation drainage system or in need of a new one?*= () Installation of new drainage system () Repair of existing drainage system