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By airplane, with a likely connection in Los Angeles.

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Q: What is the best way to travel from New Zealand to Trinidad?
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Where does Trinidad import cheese from?

new zealand

What is the best resource to find cheap flights to New Zealand?

The best resource you have to find a cheap flight to New Zealand is the internet or library. You also can book with a travel agent or company to get the best deals.

How long does it take to travel to New Zealand from Australia?

It takes about three and a half hours to travel from Australia to New Zealand.

When did John Logan Campbell travel to New Zealand?

he arrived in new zealand in 1840

How much does it cost to purchase travel insurance for New Zealand?

The price of travel insurance to New Zealand differs on where a person buys travel insurance. Insurance and Go offers travel insurance to New Zealand starting at $27. Southern Cross offers travel insurance for as low as $15.

What is the best intermediate in New Zealand?

The best Intermediate in New Zealand is MAIDSTONE INTERMEDIATE

What are fun things to do in Auckland New Zealand?

Look up sites for travel to New Zealand.

What do you think of New Zealand?

New Zealand. New Zealand is placid and nice i recommend you to travel the Far North Right up the top.Where I'm from =]

Where can someone purchase a new zealand travel guide?

Someone can purchase a New Zealand travel guide by visiting a local bookstore, such as Barnes & Noble. The travel guide can be found in the travel section.

What country is nine hours travel time from New Zealand?

Several countries would be 9 hours travel from New Zealand, chiefly in Asia.

How did the Fencibles travel to NZ?

== == The New Zealand Fencibles arrived in New Zealand between 1847 and 1852.

Does a New Zealand passport holder need a passport to travel to Guernsey?

Yes as New Zealand is not in the UK.

Does harry styles like New Zealand or Australian best?

New Zealand. Everyone prefers New Zealand.

Can a convicted felon travel to New Zealand and Australia?

Convicted felons from other nations may travel to Australia and New Zealand only if they have political connections.

If you have New Zealand residence do you need a visa to travel to Australia?

If you are the holder of a New Zealand passport,you do not need a visa to travel to Australia...or Indonesia,Thailand,Malaysia or Singapore.

Do you need a passport to travel from New Zealand to Australia?

Yes. Australia and New Zealand are two completely different countries, so a passport is required to travel between them.

Whats the weather like in new zealand?

travel to zealand and see hahaha lol

Is it Samoan or New Zealand is the best team in 7's?

New Zealand

What part of New Zealand has the best snow in may?

What part of New Zealand has the best snow for skiing in May?

Can you travel to Australia to New Zealand on boat?

Yes , you can.

How do toys travel from China to New Zealand?


How far is it in miles to travel from Auckland New Zealand to Thames New Zealand?

anwer181kms 120miles

To go from New Zealand to Australia you must travel in a westerly direction?

Yes. Australia lies west of New Zealand.

Where can one find cheap travel packages to New Zealand?

The cost of a trip to New Zealand would greatly depend on where one is travelling from. For one to travel from North America to New Zealand, there are cheap deals offered through sites such as Expedia or Cheapflights.

What is the second best intermediate in New Zealand?

The second best intermediate in New Zealand is FERGUSSON INTERMEDIATE , from Upper Hutt!