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with a nail cutter or trimmer

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Q: What is the best way to trim toenails?
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What is the best way to trim a rabbits toenails?

i have no clue, take it to the vet and ask them. geze what do you think i am, a genius?

What age do you trim a puppies toenails?

when there sharp

How do fat people trim their toenails?

With great difficulty

What the best way to get rid of thick toenails?

The best way to get rid of thick toe nails is to trim and file the nails regularly, and to avoid cuticle pushers which interfere with the natural barrier that protects against potential pathogens.

How do you make toenails grow fast?

Trim them more often.

Can you chew your toenails?

Yes, if you trim them off your toe first.

Do you have to trim a Guinnea pigs toenails?

yes you do have to trim your guinea pig's toenails. BE CAREFUL because there is this thing called a quick near the base of the toenail , so if your a little nervous about this ask your vet to do it for you or ask hi to show you how to do it.

Can you trim a chickens toenails The chicken has deformed feet and can't scratch so the nails are extremely long?

yes you can

How do you remove car wax off plastic trim?

Good luck with that. The best way is not to get any wax on the trim in the first place.

Do pit bulls have black toenails?

yes, mine does and the vet hates to trim them because you can't see the blood supply

What can you use to trim your hamster's toenails?

I use a small rodent nail clipper. Some cat nail clippers also work.

Why does it take only 10 minutes to trim fingernails but over 1 hour to trim toenails?

Because you're doing it wrong. Answer: Maybe you're too fussy and you're trying to trim them as short as possible. Anyway, 1 hour is bad, but it's not as bad as the last time I trimmed my toenails, which took an incredible 4 hours! I had to stop several times, to stretch and relax my sore legs from being hunched over for so many hours. I don't know why it would take anybody 10 minutes to trim fingernails let alone an hour or more for toenails... It should only take maybe 2 minutes to trim your fingernails.

Can you remove dog's toenails?

As long as you are careful not to cut the quick (the part that bleeds) then you can trim your dogs claws the same way you cut your fingernails. Any pet shop will be able to provide clippers designed for this purpose.

Can I use normal garden pruners to trim my lama's hooves?

Most kinds, yes, but lamas don't have hooves, they have toenails. I prefer small horse hoofnippers to do the job, and general trim the nails every couple of months.

Do hamsters need to get their toenails cut?

A hamster's daily movement around its cage should wear its claws down. There should be no need for a vet to have to trim them.

What is the best way to trim back tulips?

After the petals have dropped, cut off the old flower heads.

Why does a female Guinea pig bite on a males toenails?

Males do too. time for a visit for a nail trim? they bite them when they want their toes trimmed but i do have no idea about biting other guinea pigs they might be fighting or its a way of having a baby.

Should a lab puppy have its toenails removed?

You should NOT remove the puppys toenails! it would be better to trim them instead. but please do not completely remove his nails. most dogs need them daily for walking or running around to get a good grip so they dont slip. well hoped i helped. please take my advise and DONT remove his toenails.

Do toenails grow back?

yes toenails do.

What is the importance in manicure and pedicure?

great way to keep your fingernails and toenails healthy.

How do you remove car wax off black trim?

If you are talking about a plastic trim, the best way to remove it is by spraying a wax remover product like McKee's 37 Wax Remover for Plastic, directly on a towel and gently applying it to the plastic trim. It is recommended that you use a trim protectant product after removing the wax, to protect the plastic trim.

How do you get ingrown toenails?

From peeling your toenails, and cutting them wrong.

What is the best way to clip your toenails?

i use a toenail clipper.....but some people use mini chainsaws and line them up with toenail and go.....but i wouldn't recommend a chainsaw

When do you trim a juniper?

not in the summer, winter is best.

Do long toenails help you balance?

Toenails help you balnce.