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What starts small can become big, as did the Big-Band era. In the later 1800's, "Negro" slaves were given European band instruments in order to domesticate them away from mere "savage" drums in their musical expression; Clarinets, Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones, Western drums and cymbals, etc. Banjos were added as well. The problem - little to no music instruction. The slaves communicated in the fields and in their communities with the voice, so they merely began imitating their vocal stylings when they blew their instruments. This African-American style of vocal imitation and freely improvised musical exression over basic chordal harmony became the "Dixieland Jazz" music of the early 1900's; the first inginous art form of and from America. This has proved to be one the greatest musical/social gifts the entire world has ever known. "Dixieland" became so popular that similar small bands popped up all around the country, especially in the more metropolitan areas. Blues and ragtime, along with a rich local brass band tradition and many other influences, specifically came together in the late teens to early 1920's in New Orleans, Louisiana to create this new type of music, "Dixieland Jazz." Dixieland is also known as "Traditional" jazz or "New Orleans" jazz. As jazz gained in popularity, it spread north from New Orleans to Chicago, New York, Kansas City, and across the Midwest to California. In some contexts, size does matter, and some bands began adding more members to their sections. The musical people who wrote music for these growing ensembles (arrangers) competed for audience attention. Into the late 1930's and then the 1940's, the bands grew into the standard Big-Band (Dance Band) size - 5 Saxophones (with occasional Clarinets), 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones, and a Rhythm Section (Piano, Bass, Drum Set, and sometimes Guitar). The music performed by Big Bands was called "Swing," a type of music that people could dance to easily. It was performed in a triplet swing rhythm style. This energetic dance music was wildly popular for almost two decades, with the Swing Era extending through the mid-1940s. During this time, thousands of Big Bands played across the United States. This became known as the - "Big Band Era," and continued into the 1950's, 60's, 70's, and is still alive to this day. Jr. High and Senior High schools across America and the world still teach students in the Big Band Jazz ensemble tradition. More ... Much Swing music echoes the "call and response" pattern of early spirituals, where different sections of a choir would sing various parts of a piece, handing off the melody from one to another and varying it with each transition. In a Big Band, the melody would be played by one section (e.g. brass) and then echoed by another, such as the reeds. The whole group would also play as an ensemble, again replicating those parts of a spiritual where the choir sang as a unit. A good example of this style is Benny Goodman's performance of Don't Be That Way, arranged by Fletcher Henderson.
Songs tended to be no more than 3 minutes long because there weren't yet LP's or CD's, only singles. Most followed an "A-A-B-A" pattern: the basic melody was performed once by the band, then again either by the band or by a vocalist; then a variation on the melody, and finally the original melody was played again. Listen to Tommy Dorsey's Marie for an illustration. As Swing matured and diverged from jazz, the bands' arrangers became more important. Jazz of course relies heavily on improvisation, where performers take a simple melody and invent their own variations as they play. Often no two performances of the same song would be the same. With Swing, however, more and more of the parts would be written down and played as written. For one thing, while it's easy for a small combo to sound cohesive even while the musicians improvise, it's a lot harder for 15 or so performers to all do their own thing! It's the arrangers' job to take the melody and decide what instruments would play what parts, and how they would blend together as a group. At the same time most arrangements had "open" sections where an individual player would still be able to improvise a solo. Dorsey's Marie is again a good illustration, with Bunny Berigan's famous improv solo about 2/3 of the way through the recording.
Arrangers also helped each band achieve a distinctive sound by incorporating similar techniques into each performance. That let orchestras in effect "brand" themselves so that even without having a tune announced on the radio, listeners would almost immediately know what band they were hearing.
Later in the Swing Era arrangers effectively dominated the genre, with solos and improvisation playing a lesser role. Several orchestras - Harry James, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, and Glenn Miller to name four of the most prominent - even added string sections and played expansive, heavily-arranged songs that veered in the direction of pop music, while still retaining some jazz flavor. There are many thousands of excellent web sites that feature Big Band music from the 1930s up to today. See the Related Links below for a very small selection.
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Who were the big bands in 1940s?

Glenn Miller, Harry James, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Charlie Barnet, Jimmy Barnett, Bix Biederbeck, Fats Carlson, Guy Lombardo, Kay Kaiser, Dick Jurgens, Duke Ellington,Count Basie, Blue Barron, Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Charlie Spivak, Eddy Howard, Tommy Tucker, Chuck Foster, Ray Bauduc, Sammy K ( Full Answer )

Why did big bands die out?

Some big bands cannot keep up with the new trends, therfore losing their touch with the fans. if the fans don't like their music, they don't sell any albums. if they don't sell any albums, they don't make any money. More For a more thorough and historically-based answer please see the Related ( Full Answer )

Why did big bands of the 1940s die out?

The recording strike of 1942 dealt a blow to the big bands, fromwhich they never recovered. In the late 1940s, bebop replaced bigband as the most popular form of music among American youth.

Was there a big band in the 1940's?

It was the Swing period, the bands were big, the names bigger, and the ballrooms of major cities kept people glued to the radio to hear the latest arrangements from:. Cab Calloway . Artie Shaw . Duke Ellington . Jelly Roll Morton . Tommy Dorsey . Louis Armstrong . King Oliver . Benny Goodm ( Full Answer )

Why did big bands die out in 1940?

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What is big band swing?

Swing is a style of music derived from "purer" jazz, emphasizing adanceable beat and solo performances withing a broader writtenorchestration. A big band is a jazz orchestra composed of anywhere from 10 to 25musicians, with 14-18 being the usual complement. Big bands tend to play a lot of swing be ( Full Answer )

What is the number of musicians in a big band?

It depends, but usually 17-20, at least in my region. There are usually 4 or 5 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxes, 1 guitar, 1 bass guitar, 1 drummer, 1 piano player, and sometimes a singer. Also, there is usually a director, and sometimes the director plays solos. However, there can be as few as about ( Full Answer )

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\nBig & Rich is a country music duo. "Big" Kenny (Kenny Alphin) and John "Rich" are the two guys that Big & Rich stands for.\n. \n. \nThey have their own band though, yes.

When was the big band era?

Big band jazz was most popular from 1935 to 1945, although it developed as early as the late 1920s.

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Yeah! i have almost all the songs from Big Bang! They're awesome and they are Korean!

Is swing and big band the same?

Swing and big band are related. Although there were some smallgroups that were definitely swing bands, they mirrored the styleand most of the arrangements of the big bands. However big bandsalso played dance music and ballads that weren't really swing tuneseven though they used the same instrumentat ( Full Answer )

What killed the big band era?

A number of factors contributed to the end of the Swing Era. First, musical tastes change, and most popular styles eventually fall out of favor. But the Big Bands faced a number of factors that hastened their demise: > During the 1930s many musicians were very underpaid. They didn't participate ( Full Answer )

How does Big Band translate into French?

grand bandelette A big Band in music will be called Un Big Band in French Un Big Band is a music formation in any style (exect classical music) with more members than a traditionnal 3, 4 or 5 band.

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The black bands in the 1940's didn't get national attention because they were black, so they were mainly known in local areas. It wasn't until Cadillac Records started producing records of black artists that they got into the national radio stations and did concerts. Even then they wanted the people ( Full Answer )

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Out of order: 1. TALENT 2. Cool logo 3. Cool band name 4. Having connections such as knowing someone who records and publishes songs 5. Display your band ex: YouTube, many band pics 6. Be young and look hot!!

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Jesuit priest Georges LeMaitre was the first to propose that weexist in an expanding universe, and that observable evidence existsto support this idea.

What instruments are found in a big jazz band?

The classic "big band" swing group would have a choir each of trumpets, trombones and saxophones, with piano, drums, upright bass and guitar. Flute and clarinet made occasional appearances, almost always by one of the other players who "doubled" on that instrument. Most big bands also had one or two ( Full Answer )

What made big band so popular?

Big bands were how people entertained themselves before T.V. They went out and danced to their music.

Is a clarinet used in big band jazz?

Yes. Possible purposes:. - playing lead over four saxes (famous Glenn Miller Sound) - playing the third and fourth voice in a 'doubling' reed section, this typically being flute 1 - flute 2 - clarinet 3 - clarinet 4 - bass clarinet 5 instead of five saxophones - improvising over the ensemble on ( Full Answer )

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Carlos and Logan are the same age but Carlos is older than Logan by 30 days,therefore Carlos is the oldest :) Carlos Pena-21-------August--15--1989 Logan Henderson-21------- September--14--1989 James Maslow-------July--16--1990 Kendall Schmidt-------November--2--1990

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Big Band is a type of what music?

Big Band, or big band music ensemble, is a type of music popularized in the 1920s. It was initially considered a subtype of jazz, although by the 1930's it was also considered a type of swing music.

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the big band theory is a theory which explains the evolvement ofthe universe which was hot and very dense at 1300 to 1500 MILLIONYEARS AGO ......TSHWANE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY STUDENT