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The Union, NJ store is the largest with 217,000 square feet. The second largest store is in Anaheim Hills, California at 205,000 square feet.

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Where is the head office of Home Depot for US?

The Home Depot Store Support Center Atlanta is at 2455 Paces Ferry Road SE, Atlanta, GA.

What is the biggest soccer stadium in the US?

i think is the giant stadium, because that were the final of the gold cup is going to be. The biggest soccer-specific stadium in the US is the Home Depot Center, home of the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA. The stadium has a capacity of over 27,000. Technically though, The Home Depot Center isn't the biggest soccer-hosting stadium. Gillette Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium, is also home the New England Revolution team. Their capacity is 68,000, making them the biggest soccer stadium.

Does Home Depot or Lowes have more locations in the US?

Home Depot has 2242 stores in the US. Lowes has 945. Home Depot has them in more states (all 50), where as Lowes is only in 45.

Are there Home Depot stores in Europe?

No, Home Depot currently has stores in the US, Canada, Mexico, and China.

What is the biggest department store in the US?

Wal Mart. Macy's is second (and they have the biggest store Herald Square).

What is the biggest clothing store in the US?

The biggest clothing store in the USA, in terms of earnings, is TJ Maxx.

How many Home Depot stores are in the us?


What is the biggest deptpartment store in the US?


Where is the biggest walmart store in US?


What is the biggest Lowe's store in US?


When did Home Depot buy measurecomp?

I work at MeasureComp, Home Depot announced they acquired us Monday May 14 (publicly to the employees) in the afternoon. Sad day for us

What is the email address of Home Depot US?

How to get in touch with a Contractors for foreign workers in the US?

Go to Home Depot

How big is the biggest modular home?

The biggest i have seen is a 22000 sqft home built in NC US.

What is the largest bicycle store in US?

bicyle world is the biggest

What state is home to the largest military supply depot in th US?


Where can someone purchase plastic folding tables?

Plastic folding tables can be purchased at any major home supply shop or department store. For example, Tesco or Argos in the UK, and Wal-Mart, Target, or Home Depot in the US.

Where can you buy denatured alcohol in the US?

You may purchase it in several of the well-known US home improvement stores, including Lowe's and Home Depot.

How many Home Depot locations are there in the US?

Hi there are 1900 stores in America as of wikipedia.

Where would one be able to purchase a home air filter in the US?

There are several places where someone could purchase a home air filter in the US. Stores such as the Home Depot would sell home air filters in the US.

What is a Good name for a fish store?

Aqua-rama, Aquarium Depot, Aquariums R' Us What about Fishy Business?

What is the largest Home Depot in US?

It is in Anaheim Hills, California and is 205,000 square feet in size.

Is there a real dungeons and gargoyles?

yes there is , you can find them in target, home depot, and toys R us.

Which companies in the US are the three largest in terms of retail sales?

wal mart home depot Kroger

Is the Home Depot one of the largest corporation in the US?

Yes. It is part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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