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Cave fish don't have eyes.

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Q: What is the biggest difference between the body structure of the cave fish and minnow?
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What is the relationship between algae and minnow?

what is the relationship between the algae and minnow

How do you tell the difference from a boy minnow and a girl minnow?

it depends what kind of minnow it is usully a female if its more colorful.

What is the difference between male and female minnow?

the male is slimmer than the female the females are plump

How big was the biggest minnow?

the tarpon is a minnow.can grow over 100 lbs.

What is sentence for minnow?

Do you think this is tuna? This is a Minnow!

How do you feed a minnow in a fishbowl?

You get either a sinking minnow or a very small minnow. You should only give them what they can eat. You get either a sinking minnow or a very small minnow. You should only give them what they can eat.

How do you tell the difference form a girl or boy minnow?

Males are colorful, females are less colorful

How can you tell the difference between a mosquito fish and a fathead minnow?

a mosquito fish will jump out of the water to get a bug and usually a rosey red or minnow as you called it they usually dont a mosquito fish usually has stripes and a rosy red is pretty small like a tetra and is usually pink in color and you can see their insides.

What is the plural of minnow?

The plural form of minnow is minnows

Can you give me a sentence for minnow?

that minnow is so colorful

What is the scientific name of the Minnow?

A minnow is a member of the Cyprinidae family.

What is a flathead minnow?

A flathead minnow is a freshwater fish. This minnow is a very common type of feeder fish in the united states.

What is an example of a predation interaction in freshwater rivers?

Minnow;Algea Perch;Minnow Snakehead Trout;Turtle Crawfish;Minnow

What bait for minnow trap?

Breadcrumbs work fine in minnow traps

What is a sentence using the word minnow?

Minnow is a general term used to refer to small freshwater and saltwater fish. there you are a sentence and a description of what a Minnow is

What is the stress mark in minnow?

In the word minnow, the stress is on the first syllable, min.

What kingdom does a minnow belong to?

the minnow, or any fish are in the kingdom categorized as Animalia.

What kind of organism is the second one in the following food chain plankton-minnow-heron-alligator?

A minnow is a small fish

What kind of fish can mix with a minnow fish?

The kind of fish that can mix with a minnow fish is a goldfish. Danio is another kind of fish that can mix with a minnow fish.

How much does a fat head minnow weigh?

How much does a fat head minnow weigh

Is a minnow a scavenger?

a minnow is not a scavenger i dont think because it catches it own prey

What is a sentence for the word minnow?

I went fishing for two hours and only caught a minnow.

How many pages does Ella Minnow Pea have?

Ella Minnow Pea has 208 pages.

What is the best bait for salmon?

Usually the bait for Salmon is worms and minnow. Minnow is a small white fish

How do you tell if you have a tadpole or a minnow?

A minnow is a small silvery fish and a tadpole is a small amphibian that lives in water.