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What is the biggest halibut ever caught?

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it was 2 feet long

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Biggest carp ever caught?

biggest carp ever caught was a 265lb pound carp

What is the biggest shark ever caught in history?

The biggest shark that was ever caught was the great white shark go to total pro biggest sharks ever caught

What is the biggest fish ever caught?

the biggest fish ever caught was a 5600 pound grouper jewfish, caught in cooktown in 1987.

How big is the biggest beaver ever caught?

The biggest beaver ever caught was found in Wisconsin. It weighed 110 pounds and was caught in Iron Country.

How big is the biggest piranha ever caught?

The biggest piranha caught was 25 pounds.

What is the biggest kingfish ever caught?

The biggest kingfish ever caught was 75 lbs A friend of mine caught a King Fish in Whakatane Last month weighing in at 51.6kgs!

What is the biggest fish ever caught and who caught it?

A bass was the heaviest and i caught it at 74387578785934578 pounds

What is the biggest barracuda ever caught?


What are the release dates for The Biggest Fish He Ever Caught - 1897?

The Biggest Fish He Ever Caught - 1897 was released on: USA: June 1897

What is the biggest bass caught in IL?

The biggest bass ever to be caught in Illinois was the Grand Missouri River Bass. It was caught by William H. Cremontey in 1983. At the time, it was the largest fish to ever be caught in Illinois, and the largest of its kind to be caught in the Midwest.

What is the biggest sunfish ever caught?

900 lbs.

What is the biggest octopus ever caught?

4 feet

What is the biggest pickerel ever caught?

they eat nyoms

What was the biggest crocodile ever caught?

As of July 2014 the biggest crocodile ever caught is Cassius, which is an Australian saltwater crocodile. It is 17 feet and 11.5 inches long.

What is the biggest carp ever caught?

a very big one

What is the biggest catfish ever caught?

9 feet long

Biggest brook trout ever caught?

14 lbs

What is the biggest bluefin tuna ever caught?

1,496 lbs.

What is the biggest creek chub ever caught?

37 lb

What is the biggest cod ever caught?

96 ibs in norway

What is the biggest shark ever caught how big was it?

42 feet

What is the Length of the biggest tuna ever caught?

10 feet.

What was the biggest fish ever caught in lake superior?


Where was the biggest alligator gar ever caught?

Vicksburgh, Mississippi. 327 pounds, caught by net.

What is the biggest flathead fish ever caught?

1.7 meters is the biggest caght in the clarence river

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