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Lamar High School is one of the school largest high schools in Texas.

Students - 3,549

Westfield High School in Houston, TX is larger than Lamar, with a currently population of 3,883 students.

This data is difficult to find, but if you check out high-schools dot com, you can find good details on a school by school basis. According to their rankings, Westfield in Houston is the largest.

1) Westfield High School - Houston, TX - Total Enrollment: 4872

2) Skyline High School - Dallas, TX - Total Enrollment: 4596

3) Humble High School - Humble, TX - Total Enrollment: 4536

4) Hastings High School - Houston, TX - Total Enrollment: 4487

5) Elsik High School - Houston, TX - Total Enrollment: 4469

6) North Shore Senior High School - Houston, TX - Total Enrollment: 4157

7) Kingwood High School - Kingwood, TX - Total Enrollment: 4114

8) Cypress Springs High School - Cypress, TX - Total Enrollment: 3991

9) Clear Creek High School - League City, TX - Total Enrollment: 3862

10) The Woodlands High School - The Woodlands, TX - Total Enrollment: 3824

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There is a bit of a problem with this data. If you find the enrollment numbers that UIL uses, you'll find that Plano East and Plano Senior High are the 2 biggest high schools in the state. Both of these schools have enrollment over 5000 students. The discrepancy occurs because these 2 schools are spread out over different campuses with the senior high being the central school that the students actually graduate from. So it depends on what you're actually asking: the biggest school or the biggest campus.

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Q: What is the biggest high school in Texas?
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