What is the biggest ram card?

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the us government brought a ram card at 2.5tb which is 10,000 times the size of standard computer ram module

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Q: What is the biggest ram card?
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How can RAM of PC be converted to graphics card RAM?

You can not convert the RAM that is on the PC to RAM for your graphics card. The only way to get RAM for a graphics card is to buy one that already has RAM on it. The graphics cards that have their own RAM are normally higher end ones that cost about $50-$70 for the cheapest ones.

Is ram is a data card?


Inventor of the RAM card?

The inventor of the RAM card is Robert Dennard. He was employed by IBM at the time. RAM stands for Random Access memory.

What is the biggest engine in a 1998 dodge ram 1500?

The biggest factory installed engine in a 1998 Ram 1500 was a 5.9L V8.

Can ram be used as graphics card?

Only if you have an integrated graphics card that is built into your motherboard can it take advantage of your ram.

Is there such a thing as PCI RAM?

There is no PCI RAM, but we have a PCI card to which we can connect more that one RAMs to that PCI card

Is sim card ram or rom?

A sim card is Non of them

What is the biggest size index card?

The Biggest sized index card i believe is a 6x4.

Does ram from graphic cards contribute to overall ram on computer?

RAM from graphic cards does not contribute to overall RAM on a computer. A graphic card that has RAM will only use that RAM for the use of the graphic card itself and no other parts of the computer. This means that the RAM that is on the graphic card is only used to store images that are being sent to the graphic card itself. The RAM on the graphic card allows the card to handle much more graphic intensive scenes, and puts a lot less stress on the graphic card, because instead of the graphic card having to process every bit of information for the scene that is sent to it. ( lets say your graphic card as 1GB of RAM on it ) The graphic card can store at least 1 GB of RAM in its memory to process later, allowing the card to finish processing the information that it was processing before the new information came in. Hope this helps.

What is biggest achievement according to raghu ram of roadies?

The biggest achievement according to Raghu Ram of Roadies is living and seeing your dream come to a fulfillment.

What is the largest ram chip available?

The biggest portion of ram per chip is currently 16GB

Can ram be modified?

Yes RAM can be modified, but to be able to do so you need to get a stick of RAM or a RAM card which can be bought at most stores. A good place to find RAM would be a site called After you get the RAM card you will have to open up your computer case and find what are commonly known as expansion card slots. They will be noticeable, as they will be on the motherboard itself and will look like rectangular slots.

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