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What is the biggest rivalry in the epl?

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2008-07-21 22:12:42
2008-07-21 22:12:42

Birmingham City - Aston Villa

Manchester United - Manchester City

Chelsea - West Ham United

Arsenal - Tottenham

My opinion: Birmingham City - Aston Villa

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The biggest rivarly in the wwe is Randy Orton and The McMahons includes Triple H No the biggest rivalry in the history of the WWE was Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock NO,the biggest rivalry was when snitsky killed kanes baby all of these are good but not as brutal as triple h and Kevin Nash

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India vs Pakistan is the biggest rivalry in in cricket and overall in sports over 300 million people watch these matches live

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It is a known fact that the Bear's/ Packer's rivalry is the fiercest rivalry in the NFL, but I'm not sure about all of sports.

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The Steelers Biggest Rivalry is with the Cowboys as they matched up as two dominant teams of the 90s and faced off in the Superbowl at one point.

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celtic - rangers Celtic Rangers is a huge rivalry I'll admit, but THE biggest rivalry in the world is the Derby Della Capitale, which is AS Roma (Roma) vs. SS Lazio (Lazio)

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