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Q: What is the biggest river the wold?
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What is the biggest bug in the wold?

an whale

What is the biggest country in the wold?

yes china happens to be the biggest contry

Asia the biggest country in the wold?

Asia is the biggest continent in the world, it is not a country.

List the biggest brewing company in the wold?

what is the biggest brewing comp in the us

Is James river the biggest river?

James river is NOT the biggest river

What is Melbourne's biggest river?

The Yarra River is Melbourne's biggest river.

What is the significance of Chinese revolution?

The significance is that communism wins in the wold's biggest population.

Africa river one of the ten longest rivers in the wold?

The Nile

What is Portugal's biggest river?

The biggest river in Portugal is the Mondego.

What is spain's biggest river?

The biggest river is the Hendora river which is 238 km long

Which is the biggest river of Pakisatn?

The biggest river of Pakisatn is Indus river called the "Lifeline of Pakistan."

What is the one biggest river in the us?

The biggest river, the Mississippi River, is 2,565 miles long!