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What is the biological definition of life?

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A self sustaining chemical system capable of Darwinian evolution.

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Q: What is the biological definition of life?
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What is definition of Bio pathway?

It can be defined as followed. Biological pathway or way of life.

What is non biological drug biological drug?

definition of non biological

What is the definition of biological science?

Biological science is the study of life and a branch of the natural sciences which studies living organisms and how they interact with each other environment.

What is a biological definition of energy?

The biological definition of energy is an element which is stored in the biomolecules by the cells. This is released when molecules are oxidized.

What is the definition for biological siblings?

Biological siblings have at least one biological parent in common. See related question.

What is the definition of biological property?

i wish i knew

What is the biological definition of a species?

What is biologhical speice

What is a Biological organization?

Biological organization is also known as the hierarchy of life. It is the hierarchy of complex biological structures and systems that define life.

What is the definition of biological method observation hypothesis experiment deduction and universal law?

Biological method is a systemized way to solve a biological problem.

Branches of biological science and their definition?

boangon ang biological science ........murag alu-aluon........ .............mao ra............ .............................. ........................ ................. ............ ........ .... .. .

What is the definition of gorrila?

Animal species have no defination but a biological description .

Is rachels biological mom in glee her biological mom in real life?


Definition of biological diversity?

the number and variety of organisms in a given area

What is a science definition of a biological property?

A property that uses the five senses.

What is the definition of biological features?

Biological features are sets of characteristics that makes up plants and animals. All living organisms have biological features, but they vary greatly depending on the species.

What is biological learning?

Learning life.

What are the biological needs of life?

Living organisms have to have certain things to survive which are called the biological needs of life. These are water, food and shelter.

What is the simple definition of mononucleotide?

mononucleotide...mono means one and nucleotide means biological molecule so simply one biological molecule.

Biological and non-biological substances?

Biological: dealing with life or living thingsExamples: Organisms (plants, animals, fungi, bacteria)Non-biological: not living, no lifeExamples: Viruses, Gases, Temperature, pH levels, Soil

Define sociology key terms in the definition describe the sociological perspective?


What is the biological definition of succession?

it is the progression an ecosystem follows as it changes over time.

What is the definition of circadian?

Relating to biological variations or rhythms with a cycle of about 24 hous

What is a scientifiic definition of cell-?

The structural functional and biological unit of all organism

What is the biological bases for human life?


Do all life forms contain carbon?

That is impossible to determine, given a lack of definition for life and our ignorance of life forms alien to this planet. the only certain thing is that we're all full of space. We're made up of more space than water or carbon.The biological definition of "life" (metabolism, reproduction, growing, movement, excitability) does not require that the creature contains carbon, however all creatures that are life according to it do.