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Different sources say that they bite pressure of a tiger is between 1083 - 1550lbs

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Q: What is the bite pressure of a tigar?
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Who makes tigar tires?

Tigar tires are made by Tigar Corp. in Serbia.

What is the bite pressure of a labrador?

the average bite pressure is 58 pounds.

When was Michael Tigar born?

Michael Tigar was born in 1941.

What is the average pressure of a dog bite?

They can put an average of 250-500 psi of pressure in their bite.

What is bite force meter?

Bite force is the amount of pressure that a bite causes. The more pressure, the more likely serious injury can result. For example, a well trained guard dog can bite with 550 pounds of pressure

What is the pressure of a lab dog bite?

A labrador has a bite pressure of about 125 pounds of force. In comparison, a human's is about 120.

What bite pressure for chow?

The average bite pressure for a chow is roughly 100 PSI. It is one of the lowest bite pressures among all the species of dogs.

What is the bite pressure of a lion?


What is a bandog's bite pressure?


What is the bite pressure of a horse?


What is a pug's bite pressure?


Is a Rottweiler bite pressure harder than a pitbull bite Pressure?

This question is closed to avoid argument between contributors.

What is the bite pressure of an Akita dog?

The bite pressure of the Akita Inu (Odate styled) is 700 psi, equal to that of a lion.

How many pounds of pressure is exerted in a bite from a staffy?

Measuring dog bite pressure is not a well established fact. Dogs don't bite the hardest when they are being tested.

What is pounds of bite pressure is exerted an average human bite?

200 pounds

What Animals with t?


What is the bite pressure of a Doberman?

200 pounds

What is the pressure of a pit bulls bite?


What is the bite pressure of a argentine dogo?


Who make tigar tyres?

Tigar tyres are made in Serbia. They're considered great value for money.

When was Kenneth Tigar born?

Kenneth Tigar was born on September 24, 1942, in Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA.

What has the author Clement Tigar written?

Clement Tigar has written: 'Late vocations' 'Saint Oliver Plunkett'

What animal has the strongest bite pressure?

saltwater crocodile. bite force 7,700 psi

How strong is a rottweiler's bite?

A Rottie's bite is about 328 pounds of pressure per inch

What dog breed have 48000 pounds bite pressure?

No dog breed has a bite that exerts 48000 pounds of pressure per square inch. In fact, no animal in the world has a bite that hard. I believe crocodiles have the strongest bite in the world, and among dogs, bite pressure per square inch averages around 320 pounds.