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you might mean a black widow. it is actually an arachnid or spider. a black widow has eight legs, a red hourglass shape on the bottom, and is very poisonous.

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It may be a bug called "Masked hunter".

There are a few bugs with a triangular shaped body , but the one with black color is called blue bug.

I believe the bug you're referring to is called the Beetle. However, there could be many possible answers to that question.

yes there is such thing as a black lady bug , me and my friend found one on my porch on a pumpkin today (Sunday October 25th 2009) as there is a black lady bug there are several different species among the human race . some are completely black with a bit of white splotches on their heads. -sincerely Claudia h. & a friend...

A small black bug with yellow stripes that is found in kitchen drawers can be either a beetle or a bug called "yellow jacket".

A Bug that is Black with yellow stripes,is a Potato Bug.

the one with the black bug in it

An insect that has a black body and white spots with a stinger could be an Assassin Bug. This is also called a Kissing Bug and can be found in Florida.

a water bug is called a water bug because it can swim in water and it is a bug.

Well we can only help you if you tell us why symptoms you have with this computer bug called fly.

yes there is such thing as a purple lady bug it is located in china.

A black and white striped bug that looks like a bee is called a sand wasp. Although sand wasps are normally black and yellow in color, there are other types that are black and white and have green eyes.

While doing somthing happen instead of some thing is called has bug.. proper the correct to the user dont you get correct from the ser chapers..

The Missouri bug is obviously the black beetle.

According to a website that i just visited (the bug man??) this spider could be what is called a false black widow. I too had a question about this specific description of spider- as I recently found FOUR of them within three days in the same area in my house. According to the bug man, this spider actually eats black widows and something else called a sow bug. Hope this is helpful

A small black bug that resembles a tick might be a minute pirate bug or Anthocoridae. This bug looks similar to a tick. It could also be a small spider.

A snow bug is considered to be an insect. The snow bug is a very small black bug with six legs.

Yes, its called the brown citrus aphid. You also might be talking about the brown shield bug as aphids and brown shield bug share a resemblence.

A black scaly bug that has tentacles is known as a black turpentine beetle. These beetles use their tentacles as sensory organs.

If it has a black stripe down the bottom of it then it is a Red Velvet Ant which isn't really an ant it is a wingless wasp.

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