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The "Blockbuster " is the nickname of a large bomb that could remove a whole block of buildings by itself. I do not know how it worked other than fused H.E.(high explosive)similar to the "earthquake bomb, but at ground level

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Q: What is the block buster bomb and how did it work during World War 2?
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What is Awesome Kong's Finisher?

Awesome Bomb and Implant Buster.

What is a bunker buster used for?

A bunker buster is a type of bomb that is used to penetrate into fortified targets. They were used in the Iraq War to sniff out Suddam Hussein and date back to Germany and World War II.

Who were The leaders during the dropping of the atomic bomb in World War 1?

The atom bomb was not in existence during World War One, also known as "The Great War".

Who perfected the atom bomb during World War 2?

Your Mom perfected the atom bomb.

When did Germany bomb Britain?

During World War I and World War II

Which type of atomic bomb was used during hiroshima and nagasaki in Japan during world war?

In Hiroshima a uranium fission bomb was used and in Nagasaki a plutonium Implosion type bomb was used.

Why did Hitler not bomb oxford during World War 2?

I read some where that he liked the city and decided not to bomb it

When were Anderson bomb shelters given out?

During the second world war.

What was a controversial issue during World War 2?

Using the A-Bomb.

Which gadgets were created during World War 2?

atomic bomb

Was the atomic bomb used during world war 2?


Biggest weapon during World War 2?

The nuclear bomb.

When did the Germans bomb London during World War 2?


What places did the Germans bomb during World War 2?


What was the name of the bomb that dropped on a city in Japan during World War II?

The Atomic Bomb, but the Americans dubbed the Hiroshima bomb as 'Little Boy' and the Nagaski bomb as 'Fat Man.'

What is the name of the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima during World War II?

The name of the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima is "Little Boy."

Where did the second atomic bomb hit?

The second atomic bomb hit Nagasaki by the Americans during the 2 world war

Did Germany bomb the US during World War 2?

No the Germans did not bomb the USA. We did. The Germans would call it "Blitzkrieg"

What role did Albert Einstein play during World War 2?

He helped create the nuclear bomb to bomb Hiroshima.

What bomb did the us use on Japan in World War 2?

The US bombed Japan with an atomic bomb during WWII.

Was Buckingham palace hit with a bomb during world war 2?

The palace did not get bombed but the palace chapel was destroyed by a German bomb in World War II.

When did Germany first bomb England during World War 2?

world war 2

How does a bunker buster bomb work?

The bunker buster bomb is a very large bomb that either blows up the bunker by exploding directly on top of it (if the bunker is at ground level), Or if the bunker is a few feet below ground, the bomb will go through the dirt and explode in the general area of the bunker and destroy it. The bunker bombs of today, that are dropped by the F-15E Eagle, are much more powerful than the bunker buster bombs that were dropped in WWII by the English Avro Lancaster bomber.

Who built the first atomic bomb?

The first atomic bomb was created in the USA during the Second World War (Manhattan Project).

Why the atomic bomb was made?

The atomic bomb was made to end World War II and was built during the USA's Manhattan Project.