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A story, essay or other narrative, is usually assigned three parts. Following this three-part outline helps to organize the writer's/teller's thoughts, as well as the making things clearer, easier to follow for the recipient. The three parts are generaly condidered to be: Introduction (Beginning) Body (middle, which details the introductory statement) Close ( end, which sums things up) Most educators prefer this methodology enactment (another, earlier question) when grading papers. Follow instructions. You can find many more things like this in such publications as the MLA (Modern Language Association) Stylebook, and the classic, E.B. White's, Elements of Style

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What the body and conclusion?

The body of a story is the main portion of the story or essay. The conclusion of the story or the essay is the resolution or the ending of that story. Both items are important parts of a story or essay.

What does body in a story mean?

it means something about the story or anything

What is the main function of the body paragraphs?

Body paragraphs provide the details of a letter or a story. Authors are able to develop their story with the use of body paragraphs.

What are the release dates for A Story About the Body - 2010?

A Story About the Body - 2010 was released on: USA: 12 May 2010 (Watkins Film Festival)

What is the body of the book?

It's the part of the story after the beginning and before the ending. It includes most of the story

What is pantomine?

it conveying a story with body movements only.

What actors and actresses appeared in A Story About the Body - 2010?

The cast of A Story About the Body - 2010 includes: Kylie Davis as Young Woman Yukiko Nishimura as Oiwa

Why are the elements of short story important?

Becasue no body wants to read a boring story, even if it is short.

What are Components of a folktale?

it is a story that includes the title and body and a moral

What are the parts of the fable element?

settings, characters and body of the story

What actors and actresses appeared in Body Story - 1998?

The cast of Body Story - 1998 includes: James Nesbitt as Narrator Eddie Nestor as George (episode "Fat Attack")

What are the release dates for Body Jumpers - 2012 A Christmas Story - 1.9?

Body Jumpers - 2012 A Christmas Story - 1.9 was released on: USA: 21 December 2013

In what story did Edgar Allan Poe bury the body under the floor?

Edgar Allan Poe never buried a body under a floor; however in his story 'The Tell-tale Heart' the narrator did.

What are the release dates for Assignment Discovery - 1992 Inside Story Your Body Your Health?

Assignment Discovery - 1992 Inside Story Your Body Your Health was released on: USA: 29 September 2003

What holds a story together?

The introductionBody paragraphsconclusionplotstory linecharacterschallenges the characters have to overcome

How does aerobics affect you body?

Aerobic fitness can affect your body when the people are turning red when they are doing a workout.End Of Story

How could i send a story in youngworld through email?

You can copy the story on your clipboard. The story then can be pasted in the body of the mail. Deciding the recipient of mail, it could be easily sent.

What is the end of the story of The Ambitious Guest with?

the body of the family still not found

What is a frame story?

A frame story is simply a story told within a story. A classic example of this is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The novel begins with the main character telling his story, the story is then told--this is the main body of the work, and then returns to the telling of the story at the end of the book. Ethan Frome is an example of this as well.

Who tells the story in The Host book by Stephenie Meyer?

The story is told from the perspective of Wanderer (or Wanda), the soul put inside Melanie's body.

What is the end of the story called Owney?

His body was preserved and he is in the National Postal Museum.

What are the 3 main paragraphs in a story?

the three main paragraphs are the body paragraphs

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