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What is the boiling point of motor oil?


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2010-10-13 15:06:26
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It is impossible to list the boiling point of crude oil due to the widely varying boiling point of it's numerous compounds, some of which may boil at temperatures too high to be measured. Refined motor oil will boil at around 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit).


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motor oil has got a boiling point/brake down point of lubricating oil to be 300-370 degrees Celsius. once it has boiled it loses its lubricating properties.

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There is no boiling point to oil, but there is a 'smoke point'. The smoke point of vegetable oil is about 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

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For refined coconut oil boiling point is>450 degree Celsius

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Motor oil is not a pure compound, it's a complex mixture of many hydrocarbons and other organic compounds. Since each pure compound has its own, specific boiling point the mixture of them has (more or less) a RANGE of boiling temperatures. This temperature range is certainly above 250-300 oC (boiling oil is not stable and has no lubricant properties).

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boiling point of crude oil is depending on the main component in the crude oil itself, heavy crude for example has a higher boiling point from light crude.

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