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The 91-96 Buick Roadmaster as well as the rest of the b-body (Impala ss Caprice Fleetwood) line have 5x5 bolt pattern same as 90's models 2 wheel drive tahoes and silverado pick ups


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What is the lug bolt pattern on a 1952 Buick

5 lug5 x 120.65mm Bolt Pattern

What is the lug nut pattern of a 1955 Buick Century? What interchanges with it?

5 lug on 5" centers (big bolt pattern for gm)

1993-1996 bolt pattern 5x114.3 12 mm x1.5 hope this helps

the bolt pattern is 115/5. you can go to and find any bolt pattern for any car of any year.

the bolt pattern is 5x120 unless you have the older style convertible in that case the bolt pattern is 4x100

5x100 bolt pattern on 40mm backspacing

Disconnect the battery. Remove the alternator belt. Disconnect the wiring on the alternator, then unbolt and remove the unit. Bolt the new alternator in place and connect the wiring. Install the belt and connect the battery back up.

As long as it has a Buick/Olds/Pontiac bolt pattern on it, it will fit! will have the bolt pattern of the Pontiac, Cadillac, Olds and Buick. Chevy has a different bolt pattern. There are some transmissions that do have the dual bolt pattern, but I don't think the TH 400 was one of them.

bolt pattern for 1993 toyota celica starter

only a Buick, olds or Pontiac engine will bolt to a Pontiac tranny as Chevy blocks have a different bolt pattern.

If they have the same bolt pattern then they will fit.

Only if the transmission has a dual bolt pattern. Chevrolet and Buick 350 engines have the same bolt pattern. Oldsmobile and Pontiac 350 engines have the same bolt pattern. There were some TH 350 transmissions that have dual bolt patterns.

301 motor is different than 350x(buick motor)

The bolt pattern on Chevy engines is unique. There are TH350 transmissions with both the Chevy bolt pattern and the BOP (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) pattern, but they are becoming somewhat rare.

5X127 otherwise known as 5on5 according to my sources at

The wheel bolt pattern for the 1993 Toyota Supra is 5 x 4.5 inches or 5 x 114.3 millimeters. The stud size is 12 x 1.5 and the offset is high positive.

front should be 4x6 in the doors 6x9 in the back deck u have to remove the back seat with star bolt the back brake light in window and the cover to get to the back deck

A 350 Oldsmobile engine has a different bolt pattern than the Chevrolet engine. The 350 Olds and 350 Pontiac engines have the same bolt pattern. The 350 Chevrolet and the 350 Buick engines have the same bolt pattern. Unless you have a dual bolt pattern transmission (there are some out there) in that Chevy, the Olds engine won't bolt into the Chevy transmission.

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