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The boot priority is the order in which your computer will try to boot on startup. For example, it might try and boot from the CD ROM drive first.

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What is the purpose of boot priority in BIOS configuration?

boot priority in BIOS just specifies which drive or other boot able device to use first to boot from.

How do you you set the boot priority sequence in Windows 2000?

You don't. Boot priority is specifed by the BIOS, not Windows 2000.

What is Boot device priority?

Boot Device Priority is the order that you want your computer to boot in such as if you want your computer to boot from the hard drive or the CD drive first you can change this in the bios of your computer.

Where is the boot priority order for devices and a soft boot?

fat pigs

How can you change the boot priority of a system?

You change the boot priority of a system by changing settings in its BIOS setup. The computer's first hard drive is usually the default first boot device.

Where is the boot priority order for device kept?

in the BIOS

Where is the boot priority order for devices kept?

BIOS setup

How do you boot from a flash drive?

Connect your flash drive and turn on your computer/laptop. If it doesn't boot from the flash drive, restart the computer. You need to modify your boot device priority. When turning on the computer, there will be a line that says "Press Delete[or F8, or some other key] to enter Setup" or "Press F8 to change boot device priority". Press this key to enter setup. In boot device priority, make sure your flash drive [If you have a Transcend device, for example, it will be listed as [model number]Transcend Ex: J8CB4CTranscend] is at the top of the priority list. That is, the flash drive must have a higher priority than your DVD drive and hard disk. Once this is done, save the settings and restart the computer. The computer will boot from the flash drive now. Note: The flash drive must contain something bootable, such as an operating system. Good luck.

How do you install Windows xp on a windows 95 computer?

Make sure the hardware is compatible with XP. Put CD on first priority in boot priority in the bios. Enter the CD and follow the instructions.

What should you set your boot priority as?

The boot priority is normally set to the drive that contains the operating system. It may be beneficial to make the CD ROM drive the first bootable device. If the hard drive fails you can boot from a recovery disk easily. It all depends on the BIOS system and motherboard. Most BIOS will allow you to change the boot priority from a cold start, by say press F12. So it doesn't really matter. Setting it to first boot on your operating system, will speed up the start process. If the CD ROM is selected and there is no CD in the drive, it will simply check the next device on the list, until it finds something. This could take time. If

When the windows 7 registry is corrupted and you cannot boot from hard drive?

I will have to know more information to help you solve it. Alternatively: Hook your HDD to another computer or boot a linux or mini xp from CD/USB to rescue data or edit your files.* If you have a Windows CD you can boot up on that and access command. Read up on "bootrec".* I'm afraid a fresh install of Windows is your quickest and easiest way to go. *Some computers require you to go into bios from boot to change boot device priority or allow you to use a boot priority start up button (F12 etc.)

When troubleshooting boot-up problems what is the recommended priority of items to check?

cable connection,error message,power connection

Your gateway says CD-rom boot priority no medium what should you do?

what it means is on startup of your computer the first thing your computer looks at is the CD ROM if there is no CD in the ROM drive it will then go to either floppy disc if you have one ,or read off your hard drive and windows should start up. all this info is put into your bios on the first time setup. Okay, I understand that but it will not boot … it stay at "CD-Rom Boot Priority .. No Medium Reboot and select proper boot drive" what do I select? 1…2…3…

How do you install windows 7 on new hard drive that says no boot manager?

Enter BIOS and make sure the DVD is 1st boot priority. Use a bootable Windows 7 DVD, a clean install should replace the bootmanager.

How do you uninstall windows ultimate and reinstall windows 7 home please the windows ultimate was a copy?

To do this, you must boot from the Windows 7 disc or USB thumb drive. To do this, enter your BIOS, which can usually be done by pressing Delete or F8 when it is booting, or if you have a Dell by changing the boot priority right on the startup screen. After this, hot the reboot button and it should take you right into the Windows 7 setup. Make sure after this is done, you change the boot priority back to your hard drive first.

How do you fix a boot error when booting from a USB configured by Sardu?

This was a BIOS settings issue. In the BIOS of this Asus netbook I found a second setting, which also had to be set with "USB" as 1st boot device. When I found this setting, the 'Boot Settings' dialog box had the following categories: "Boot Device Priority". "Hard Disk Drives": It was necessary to additionally set "USB" as 1st boot device within the "Hard Disk Drives" category. In here its default settings were: "HDD" "USB".

When I start my computer it says boot from Cd what do i do?

Simply u have to do some bios settings. When u start ur pc press f12 or Del (which is used for bios menu) after it u have to select boot disk priority to hard disk from cd rom. problem will be solved

Where is the boot priority for devices kept?

CMOS RAM The Boot Priority List is configured via BIOS (Basic Input Output System) and is accessed by holding down whichever "f" key (1-8) is specified on screen, the message will usually say "to enter setup press": and then the specific "f number" usually f2 from there you are on your own to work it out because different bios versions are setup in different ways, but you are looking for "device settings".

What is the difference between unsecured priority and unsecured non priority?

priority debts must be pais IN FULL, non-priority does not.

How do you determine if your system is set to boot from a CD or floppy disk?

on startup hit f1/del/f10 to open bios, select advance setup, select boot priority/order/device, select what u want, f10, Y, ENTER. *some pc require different method.

What is the abbreviation for priority?

there is no abbreviation for priority.

Are student loans priority or non-priority?

I believe the answer would be only if you need it. If you have enough money to get you through school then non-priority, if you do not have money for schooling then I would say priority.

What is the correct sentence of I worked always priority?

'I worked always priority' is a clumsy phrase that will not make a suitable sentence. Try: My work has always been my priority. The work is always my priority. That I worked was always my priority. My priority is always that I work.

Is first in first priority grammatically correct?

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What does soft means in priority setting?

a soft priority is one that will not act if it is countermanded by another priority, a hard priority. example: a policemans soft priority is to maintain the appearance of peace. his hard priority is to keep the people under control of the elected dictator.