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What is the boringest state in the US?

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What is the boringest place on earth?

A desert.

What is the boringest school in the whole world?

the boringest school is red stone educational academy very very very boring trust me

What country is most boringest?

belgium ofcourse

What is the boringest movie ever?

there are many and people have different oppinions

What is the boringest movie on the Earth?

"West Side Story" (1961).

What is the boringest sport in the world?

There really isn't an answer to this question. Since some people don't like certain sports and some people like certain sports. But if this question was what is the boringest sport in the world in your opinion. I would have said football I think golf is the most boringest sport because all you do is swing! I agree but not the football part

What is the most boringest animal in the world?

The answer is either a turtle or a snail or a slug.

Why did LEGO Indiana Jones stop?

Because Is The Most Boringest Lego Game

Is it worth seeing Twilight Saga Eclipse in IMAX?

Probably not considering Eclipse was the most boringest book.

Why people like cricket?

because it is the boringest thing you will ever play

What stuff is about New Hampshire?

It is. It is a state. It is a US State. It is the 9th US State. It is a New England State. It is a small (#46) US State.

What is the coldest state in the US?

The coldest state in the US is Alaska. It is the most northern US state.

Which state is the only sovereign state in the US?

No state in the US is sovereign.

What state is the most popular state in the US?

Califonia is the most popular state in the US

What date did US become a state?

US is not a state it is a country!

What is the richest US state?

The richest state in the US is California.

What is the richest state in the US?

California is the richest state in the US.

What is largest state in the US?

The largest state in the US is Alaska

Texas was what state admitted to the US?

The 28th US State.

What is the closet US State to Alaska US?

Washington state.

What is the 50th US state?

The 50th US state is Hawaii.

Which US State is larger than Alaska?

No US state is larger than Alaska. Alaska is the largest state in the US.

Do you need a passport to fly state to state in the US?

If you are a US citizen you can fly to another US state without a passport.

Where is the first state of the us?

The "First State " of the US is thought to be Delaware, because it was the first state that ratiied the new US Constitution. Delaware's state motto is "The First State."

Is Guam a US state?

The island of Guam is not a US state, it is classified as a possession of the US.