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Clethra Alnifili is the botanical name for Sweet Pepperbush, a perennial shrub.

The botanical name for the sweet Bell Pepper, the one eaten on Pizza and in salads, is Capsicum annuum.

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The botanical name of black pepper is Piper nigrum.

There is no specific name given to the leaf of the pepper plant. It also depends which pepper you are refering to, "Pepper" is a common name and could mean one of two totally distinct plants. The botanical name for the Black pepper plant - the kind you use on the table is Piper nigrum. The botanical name for the Green and Red pepper plants is Capsicum, the species depends on the specific variety of pepper.

I'm assuming you mean chili pepper here, which belongs to the genus Capsicum.

A plant does not have a chemical name it has a botanical name = Capsicum Annuum.Only pure chemical compounds have chemical names.

A "sweet green pepper" would be a bell pepper or a cherry pepper. "Slivered" would be slicing it thinly.

Pepper is not sweet it gives flavor, but is spicy if too much is used

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There are:Approx 37 calories in 1 average size sweet pepperApprox 51 calories in 1 large size sweet pepper.

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