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Q: What is the branch of earth science that studies weather in the forces and processes that cause it?
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What branch of earth studies the weather?

what branch of earth science studies the weather

What is a branch of earth science which studies the atmosphere and the weather?

Meteorology is the study of the weather at any given place or area, and forecasting the weather to come. One who studies meteorology is a meteorologist.Climatology is the study of world-wide climate, its causes, and its effects. One who studies climatology is a climatologist.The study of weather and its causes is known as meteorology.

What branch of earth science studies the earth?

Meteorology studies weather.Meteorologist studies the atmospherePeople who study the weather - are called Meteorologists.

What branch of science do Meteorologist study?

Meteorology is the scientific study of atmospheric characteristics, and the forecasting of weather patterns.

What is metereology?

A Branch of Science concerned with the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere , espacially as the means of forcasting weather

What is the branch of science that studies bees?

Apiology is the branch of science that studies bees.

Is making a tornado physical science or earth science?

People don't make tornadoes. A tornado is a naturally occurring weather event. The branch of science which studies weather is called meteorology.

What is the branch of science that studies earthquakes?

The branch if science that studies earth quakes is called Seismology

What branch of science studies heat electricity and magnetism?

What branch of science studies heat and magnetism

What branch of science studies forces?

i do no

What is the study of meteorology in Earth Science?

meteorology is about wheather, so it is on earth science. It studies the Earth's atmosphere and all the meteological (weather) phenomena that occur in our atmosphere. It deals with stuff related to energy (heat), matter (air), motion (wind), force/gravity (Corioli effect, air pressure, etc). I think it should be both earth and physical science

What branch of science studies the formation of the earth?

Earth Science