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The sugar also has volume which was not used in the formula below. The 14 teaspoons will use about 3 ounces of volume therefor 1oz Of JD and, 1oz of vodka, 6oz ofDropper and 3 oz of sugar is 11 oz. 128 oz (one gallon of liquid) divided by 11 oz = 11.64 drinks or if you are trying to end up with a gallon it is 11.64 times for each ingredient.

AnswerThere are 128 oz. in one gallon. Your Liquor & Dr. Pepper = 8 oz.. You will get 16 8oz drinks from one gallon. Therefore you need to multiply each ingredient by 16.

14 teaspoons of sugar

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Q: What is the break down for making a gallon drink that is 1 oz Jack Daniels 1 oz vodka 6 oz Dr Pepper and 14 teaspoons sugar?
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