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What is the breaker size for a 10 KVA electric heater?

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15 amps

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What size 480v two pole single phase breaker is required to feed a 75 kva transformer?

75000va / 480v = 156.25A 156.25A * 125% = 195.31A I would size the breaker at 200A

What size breaker is needed for feeding 10 kva transformer at 460 v single phase?

30 amp

What size breaker is needed for feeding a 10 kva transformer?

What size breakers are needed for a 30kva transformer 208 volt feed 600 volt out put

What size breaker is need to feed a 150 KVA transformer?

An exact breaker size can not be given because the voltage, and hence the calculation for current, is not given. A transformer shall be protected by an over current device that is not rated at more that 150% of the primary current.

Size 134 kva cable?

Cable is not rated in kva.

If you have a circuit breaker box containing 650 amps of circuit breakers it is 3 phase 480 volts what size kva generator do you need?

The question isn't the number of amps total on your branch circuits, but rather, what your MAIN breaker(s) are rated at. This will determine what size of generator you will need. And be certain that the generator is 3-phase. <<>> The formula you are looking for is Amps = kva x 1000/1.73 x voltage.

What is the size breaker per phase 200kva generator?

A breaker is not sized by individual phase amperage. It will be a three phase or three pole breaker rated at the output of the generator. Use the following formula to find the output amperage of the three phase generator. Amps = kva x 1000/1.73 x voltage.

What capacity in KVA diesel generator is required to run a 3 phase 3 HP pump?

What size genset is needed to start a 3 phase electric motor Direct on Line (DOL) start HP ofMotor = GeneratorkVA Required

Would a 15 kva 380 volt generator be big enough to run a house with a 60 amp breaker 380 volts?

A 15 KVA - Generator operating at 380 Volts can cater to only 22.79 Amps. It cannot cater to a 60 Amps breaker

How can you determine the kva size of a transformer?

Read the label on the side.

How many HP will a 30 kva transformer run?

At what pressure air is blast in air blast circuit breaker during fault intruption?

What is the maximum power kva normally required in a house?

There is really no way to give you a straight answer on this one. For instance, I live in a doublewide with an electric furnace. The burners on it draw 53K watts, so in the winter when other people with gas furnaces electric bills go down, ours goes up. It cost's us twice as much to run the heater as it does to run the A/C. Go figure. So the power requirements will vary greatly depending on the size of the house, how many different things (appliances and such) are sucking from the meter. And of course the weather will be another factor.

10 kva ups 100ah battery how Tobe select cable size?


What is cable size for 250 kva gen-set?

35 sq. mm

What generator size is needed for a 20HP 480volt 3 phase motor?

21 kVA

What is size of power cable of 1137 kva generator?

It depends totally on the voltage used.

What is the cable size for a 1500 kVA generator with cable length of 50 meters?

35 KVA generator using for load 100 meter length which cable need to used

What is the capacity 0f 100 KVA electric transformer?

amps=(KVA*1000)/(VOLTAGE*PHASE) A=100000/(240*1.732) A=100000/415.68 A=240.569 power=240*240.569*.8 p=46189 kw

Why the rating of transformer is given in kva not in watts?

The transformer has a maximum rated voltage, determined by the size of the magnetic core and the frequency, and, quite separately, a maximum rated current determined by the size of the copper wire in the coils. Multiply the two together to find the VA or kVA rating. The kilowatts are equal to the kVA times the power factor of the load that is connected to the transformer.

How do you convert single phase kva to three phase kva?

We can convert single phase kva to three phase kva by this formula. Three phase Kva = Single phase KVa/3*2.64 By : Muhammad Usman

What is the xlpe for a 34.5kv?

How to compute for the size of wire in the primary side of 2500 kVA transformer 34.5kV

Convert 2KW to KVA in single phase?

P=1.73xVxIxCOSO KVA=KW/1.73xCOSO KVA=2000/1.4 KVA=1.42

How you find amp from kva?

Since KVA is kilovoltamps, then divide KVA by KV to get amps.

What size of cable wire used for 500 kva transformer 240 volt 3 phase?

A 10 mm cable is most commonly used for a 500 KVA transformer, 240 volt, 3 phrase. The size of the wire that is used in a transformer is based on the voltage.

How do you convert kva to horsepower?

The term horsepower has several definitions, depending on usage. According to WikiPedia, the Electric Motor usage is 746 watts. One kva (kilo-volt-amp) is 1,000 watts, so you might be able to say that one kva is 746,000 watts. Unfortunately, kva depends on phase angle and, except for a power factor of one (purely resistive), kva is not the same as kw (kilo-watts). Someone else with more knowledge than I will need to enhance this answer.