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The skull has natural bumps and ridges. They mean nothing. Sometimes we feel a spot, notice it hurts, like a bruise, and suddenly it causes concern. There is no concern about it.

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Q: What is the bump on your head feels like a bruise?
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What is the bump on my head that feels like a bruise?

its a vein that runs to the spinal column that sits on the shape of your skull

Is a bump on your head caused from a bruise supposed to pop like a pimple?


What could a tiny bump on YOUR head that is very tender be It is pea sized and when touched feels like a bruise being poked at?

Could be nothing worth worrying about, could be something potentially fatal. See a physician.

What does manganese feel like?

manganese feels like a bump or feels rough

Why if you get hit in the forehead you get a lump not a bruise like you would on your arm?

While the head is very vascular (has many blood vessels), it does not have much of a fat layer between the skin and the skull. The arm, however, has more soft tissue and more fat, depending on the size and weight of the person. Also there are more large blood vessels in the arms and hands than in the head/face. Therefore, you're more likely to get a bump or knot on the forehead which may bruise later, and more likely to get a bruise faster on a forearm and most often wuthout a bump or knot.

How long does it take for a bump to look like a bruise?

Usually within 24 hours a bruise appears--IF it will bruise. Not all bumps cause bruises. Between 2 to 4 days, the bruise will be at full dark colors before it begins to lighten.

Bump in the back of my head that is hard and it really hurts it feels like its full of fluid?

It is probably just a boil though it could be a cyst, best to check with a doctor. It may need lancing.

How does a bump feel like after you hit your head?

Like a hairy lump

When your head feels like its going to explode?

When your head feels like its going to explode you probably have a migraine. This is something you can take pain medicine for.

What is that white bump in your head?

white head a buildup of white blood cells like a pimple but its not like infected

What could have caused a knot directly behind your right ear that feels like a bruise when you touch it?

Please talk to your doctor.

How can you tell if a dog is preganent?

When her nipples start to erect and it feels like there is a big bump in her stomach.

What are the dangers of hitting your head and getting a big swollen bump on the right side?

The dangers? A concussion and permanent damage. Or it could just be a bruise. If the swelling and pain persist and are accompanied by other symptoms (like headaches or dizziness) call a doctor as soon as possible. ~ T

Your head feels like it is falling asleep?

My head feels like it falls asleep. It gets a warm, tingling feeling that lasts a few minutes and then goes away My head feels like it falls asleep. It gets a warm, tingling feeling that lasts a few minutes and then goes away My head feels like it falls asleep. It gets a warm, tingling feeling that lasts a few minutes and then goes away

What does it mean if your left leg hurts burns throbs and goes numb while sleeping Then the next day the leg just throbs and burns Almost feels like will have a bruise there but none ever come.?

I wish I knew! I am almost 13 and having similar pains in my left leg. It feels heavy, almost lifeless and throbs. But it has been two days and ever since the first morning it BURNS like crazy and is tender to touch(like you said it feels like an invisible bruise).

What is a bump under your skin that feels like a rock?


What is WHART?

whart means like a little bump on your head or chin

What is a bump on the left ear mean and you get headahces?

If you have more than one piercing on your left ear....Lets say three or four, there will be a bump, it's natural. As for the headaches, just take some asprin/tylenol because it most likely means that your ear is hurting, but it feels like your head is hurting.

What is hemtosis?

like bruise like bruise

What does your belly feel like at 5 weeks pregnant?

I'm five weeks & 5 days today. Feels like nothings there , I do feel ovary pains on my left side at times though. And on my left side above my ovary it feels sore to the touch like a bruise.

Can you bruise a bone?

A bruise is like a temporary clotting of blood. The short answer is YES. You can bruise a bone.

Is it true that if you bump your head your personality could change?

yes it is true. Thanks for asking i like science!

How can you relieve pressure in your head that feels like if you stick a pin in your head it will feel better?


What did the weight that hit Harriet Tubman in the head look like?

it look like a big bump and a little blude

Why is your bearded dragon shaking her head?

because he feels like it