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Butch wax is a pink wax that was used for crew cuts and flat tops. The flat top haircut generally had a "front row" of hair which was neatly propped across the top of the forehead. Butch wax was applied to keep that row of hair vertically in place. ( I still have an entire jar from around 1965! My youngest son discovered it and uses it for keeping his hair where he wants it. He doesn't have a flat top, but likes the effects of the wax which doesn't give the luster of a modern gel.)
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What is waxing?

Waxing is a hair removal method that removes hair from the root. Ituses a strip of cloth or paper that is dipped in warm beeswax,sticking it onto the skin, and ripping it off. Most body parts canbe waxed but such things as eyelashes should never be waxed.Eyelashes protect the eyes from things gettin ( Full Answer )

What are waxes?

Waxes are solid hydrocarbon. The Alkane Family. The formula isCnH2n+2. C in the formula represents carbon and n represents numberof carbon. H represents hydrogen. From methane to butane are in gasform. From pentane to heptane are liquid form. (At roomtemperature) But from octane down the series are ( Full Answer )

Can candle wax wax your snowboard?

Candle wax isn't the same as board wax. Candle wax can make your board stick to the snow, so just spend the extra couple bucks and buy snowboarding wax.

Who is Butch Songin?


Is Butch Walker married?

yes, he is. her name is Nora. they met at a bar where she was a waitress. they have a baby.

Why did Butch Defeo kill his family?

Ronald "Butch" DeFeo was a heavy drug user who had financial problems due to his habit. He also had ongoing issues with his parents, especially his father, due to his drug abuse and prior violent behaviors. There apparently was a great amount of tension and arguments in the DeFeo household; Ronal ( Full Answer )

What does wax on wax off mean?

This was a phrase from the movie KARATE KID. The teacher taught the kid how to do major karate moves by waxing the car. He used his left hand to put on wax in one direction and used the other hand in the other direction to remove the wax. When the kid questioned the master that he wasnt being taught ( Full Answer )

Why do lesbians look so butch?

Many lesbians don't look butch, but you only notice the ones who determine to dress so that you know they are lesbian. This is their choice. Many lesbians dress and behave in other ways. That is their choice too.

Why was Marcellus after Butch Coolidge?

Marcellus paid Butch a lot of money to lose the fight. Butch won the fight, actually killing the opponent. Marcellus obviously lost a lot of money betting on the other guy, on what was supposed to be a sure bet. That's why Marcellus was after Butch. What was really cool was that Butch and a partne ( Full Answer )

Who is Butch Cassidy in the movie?

In the most famous movie of the genre, "Butch Cassidy and theSundance Kid" (1969), Paul Newman was Butch and Robert Redford wasthe Sundance Kid.

Who was Butch Cassidy?

Butch Cassidy (1866-1908) was was a notorious US outlaw; a train robber, bank robber and leader of the Hole in the Wall Gang.

What is a butch?

A butch is a masculine gay woman.. Not all masculine women are gay. Being gay is a sexual preference and has nothing to do with disliking men or wanting to be men.. Just as being a gay man does not mean that they hate women, or want to be women.

When does Ronald Butch Defeo get out of prison?

Defeo is up for parole in 07/2009, which means that yes, he can be released if the parole board agrees. All you have to do is look him up on the NY state website. It allows you to look every inmate in the state up and when they can be released.

What do femmes want in a butch?

Wat they r lookin for is practically a guy in the girl. Like ur most likely goin to be doin all the moves. somebody to protect and take care of them

What is Butch Baker doing these days?

he retired and currently owns a small restaurant in south africa.. he has two beautiful children called rosy and jim. he cant actually walk now though because he had a bad scuba diving accident and broke both legs in a number of places, 15 times on his left leg and 5 on his right.. his children b ( Full Answer )

What is Butch Hartmans sign?

Burtch Hartman's sign is a Capricorn. He was born on January 10,1965. Butch is a director, writer, and works in the animationbusinesses.

What common name is Butch a nickname for?

Butch is a common nickname used to separate "Sr" from "Jr" mainly in cultures with German backgrounds. Typically the father (Sr) goes by his first name, while the son (Jr) will be referred to as "Butch" by family and friends.

Can you wax a snowboard with candle wax?

Candle wax can cause your board to stick to the snow. You can make homemade snowboard wax though. See the related link below for a full set of instructions.

Where is butch defeo now?

Green Haven Correctional Facility, Beekman, New York, where he is serving 6-consecutive 25-yr-sentences for the slayings of his entire family.

What does butched mean?

I think you may mean "butch." In a same-sex relationship, there can be any of three sets of people: - Butch/butch -Butch/femme -Femme/femme "Butch" is simply the term applied to the person with more masculine personality traits than feminine, and "femme" is the term for the one with fem ( Full Answer )

What does wax do?

The wax used on automobiles fills the pores in the paint of the car. This prevents dirt from building in these pores. It also provides a thin layer of protection from various elements such as corrosion due to salt. Waxing also provides a sheen to the paint.

Was butch walker a drug addict?

Butch has admitted to doing drugs, but he has never said he was an "addict." He has only ever admitting to being a drug user in his past. It probably never reached the point of addiction and Butch never went through rehab or any help programs.

What album is Son of a butch by ACDC on?

the song son of a butch by ac dc does not exist. the song is in fact properly entitled hair of the dog and is performed by Scottish rock band Nazareth.

Who is Butch Kotowski?

Butch Kotowski and his wife Mary Kotowski are the Nations #1 Professional Polka Dancers. For additional information, see their website: www.PolkasUnlimited.com

What is a butch front?

I would assume it means you appear to be butch or masculine in appearance or give that impression. Butch equals straight or rough appearing. May or may not be true, but that's what it looks like.

What is the nickname butch short for?

Originally Butch was a abbreviation of Butcher. As a boy's nickname, Butch was just an old-school, generic nickname ala Buster and Spike. The Butch I know in real life is actually named Alan.

How old is Butch Morris?

Lawrence 'Butch' Morris was 65 years old when he died on January 29, 2013 (birthdate: February 10, 1947).

Why was Edward O'hare called butch?

This was a nickname he acquired in the Navy,He was a World War II naval Fighter pilot, Butch could imply aggressive- like Butch Cassidy, the Western gangster. Again maybe he was from Chicago ( as is the namesake airport)- a native son- City was noted for big Meat-packing industry- hence Chicago Bull ( Full Answer )

Where does butch walker live?

Butch Walker splits his time between his two homes in Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California. He is originally from a suburb of Atlanta called Cartersville.

How old is Butch Trucks?

US drummer Claude "Butch" Trucks was 69 years old when he died on January 24, 2017 (birthdate: May 11, 1947).

Who are butch and woim?

butch and woim are character from the little rascals film they are bullies who beat up alfalpha

How do you talk to butch in Fallout 3?

After you leave the vault the only way for you to talk to butch again is after the Miscellaneous quest "Trouble on The Homefront". The Overseer has to have stepped down or "died". After the quest he will be sitting at the bar in the "Muddy Rudder" In Rivet City.

What is a butch rabbit?

I think you mean Butcher rabbit and it is a rabbit bred for its meat

Who is butch from the lost hero?

Butch is son of the rainbow goddess That's why it says that he has a rainbow tattoo The rainbow goddess is a minor goddess so you don't hear of her in the book often

How do you butch up?

well now that's a good question ;) as u can see i'm a butch. first of all you have to cut you hair to become a REAL butch and dress BOYS clothes. Make up is limited (foundation or MAYBE eyeliner BUT not too much or you will become a fake wannabe boy haha ;) ) Goodluck !!

Can you wax your skis with car wax?

No, but you need to use special ski wax, available from many ski shops. Alternatively, you can take them to a shop to be serviced

Did Butch Davis coach for Florida?

No ... Davis was the defensive line coach at the University of Miami between 1984-1988 and then the head coach at Miami between 1995-2000.

How do you put wax on a wax tablet?

You take your tablet (a slab of wood) and you warm it some by the fire. You melt your wax in a ceramic cup and pour the wax onto the level surface of the tablet. If the tablet has a slightly raised edge then you should get a covering of wax that is almost as thick as the lip (wax shrinks a lot whe ( Full Answer )

Why is a lesbian butch?

they aren't that's just a stereotype 7 close friends of mine a lesbian and none of them are at all butch

How do you get butch as a companionin fallout 3?

Complete the quest Trouble on the Homefront the way Butch wants you to finish it. Then, with neutral karma, go to Rivet City and go down to the Muddy Rudder bar and butch should be there. You need neutral karma because without it, he will tell you that you are either too nice or too bad.

How old is Edward 'Butch' O'Hare?

Edward 'Butch' O'Hare was born on March 13, 1914 and died on November 26, 1943. Edward 'Butch' O'Hare would have been 29 years old at the time of death or 101 years old today.

Can you wax your eyebrows with candle wax?

No, it's not safe and it cools too quickly. It's also too sticky and it's not good for your eyebrows and you can't control it as easily. Not a good idea at all!

What is the origin of the word butch?

I checked my Merriam Webster and they're not really sure, but butch probably comes from the male nickname and appears to have originated about 1941. It denotes notably/deliberately masculine appearance and/or manners. A Butch haircut is closely cropped hair.

When did Butch Lewis die?

Butch Lewis died on July 23, 2011, in Bethany Beach, Delaware, USA of natural causes.

When did Butch Warren die?

Butch Warren died on October 5, 2013, in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA of lung cancer.

What is the email address of Butch Hartman?

Butch doesn't have a public email address, but fans can write tohim. Send letters to: Butch Hartman, Gotham Group, Inc., 925 SunsetBlvd., Suite 515, Los Angeles, CA 90069.