What is the butterball stock symbol?

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It doesn't have one. According to Hoover's, "Butterball is a joint venture between Smithfield Foods (which owns 49%) and Maxwell Farms (51%)."

Smithfield Foods Inc. trades as SFD on the New York Stock Exchange. Maxwell Farms is not publicly traded.
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What is the stock symbol?

A stock symbol is given to a company whose stock is traded on thestock market. The symbols are all unique and vary from company tocompany.

Stock symbol for Freddie mac?

The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, more popularly known asFreddie Mac, has been around since 1970. Its stock symbol is FMCC.

What is the stock symbol for Doritos?

Doritos is kind of a black sheep in the market. Its it one of many stocks that used a symbol (in this case a nacho chip) instead of a stock symbol. So if you are looking for the quote just search "nacho chip" or paste a small photo of one

Stock ticker symbol for cargill?

Cargill is a privately-held company and currently does not have aticker symbol. The company produces industrial producesagricultural, financial food and industrial products and services.

What is ob in a stock symbol?

An .OB extension indicates a NASDAQ bulletin board stock, which can include smaller companies that don't meet the listing requirements for the regular stock exchange (a listed company needs to be at least certain size, and have at least a certain number of shares outstanding at a specified price). ( Full Answer )

In a pair of silk stockings the stockings are a symbol of?

The silk stocking symbolize an expensive world that Mrs. Sommerswas not normally able to be part of. Mrs. Sommers bought beautifulsilk stockings which spurred her to buy more lavish things forherself. The symbolism is materialism and wealth, which issomething that most people crave experiencing at s ( Full Answer )

What is the Butterball helpline?

The Butterball cooking advice telephone number is 1-800-BUTTERBALL. Experts are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm CET.

What is the Crayola stock ticker symbol?

Crayola is owned by Hallmark Cards, Inc. Since Hallmark is a privately owned company, stock in both Crayola and Hallmark is privately held and unavailable for purchase. We are not listed on the stock exchange.

Miller beer stock symbol?

The stock symbol for Miller Beer is SAB.L. The actual stock namefor the business is The Miller Brewing Company.

What is TBT stock symbol?

It is a bet against the U.S. Treasuries. If you think there will be inflation and therefore higher interest rates, this etf lets you bet against the U.S. treasury.

Stock symbol for la gear?

The stock symbol for the La Gear company is lagr. This shoe companywas founded in 1979 and is headquartered in California.

What is kpmg stock ticker symbol?

KPMG is not a valid stock ticker symbol. Many stock symbols havefour letters in length and sometimes summarize the companies name.

What is the stock symbol for PNC Bank?

PNC is the stock symbol for PNC Bank. The PNC Bank stock has beenin a downward trend recently. PNC is a large bank with manybranches.

What is the stock symbol for Warner Bros?

TWX By the way DreamWorks is DWA I'm searching stock symbols for the following: Twentieth Century Fox Columbia Pictures Corp. Paramount Pictures Inc. Universal Picture Co. Metro Goldwyn Mayer New Line cinema United Artists Corp. RKO Any idea about their symbols or which compa ( Full Answer )

What is the stock symbol for waffle house?

The Waffle House Inc. is a private company and has been since its incorporation. As a private company no public shares are available and because of this no ticker symbol exists. .

What is the stock symbol for skoal?

Skoal is made by US Smokeless Tobacco. It was recently acquired by Altria Group. It's stock symbol is MO on the NY Stock Exchange

The stock symbol for hot wheels?

Hot Wheels is a product name for Mattel, much like the Big Mac is a product name for McDonalds. Mattel's stock symbol is MAT.

What is tmobile stock symbols?

Tmobile is owned by deutsche telekom, a German company. It is a publicly traded in several European countries.

What is the stock symbol for hulu?

Hulu does not have its own stock symbol. It is partially owned by NBC, however, which does have its own stock symbol. NBCs symbol is GE (for its parent company General Electric)

When will a stock symbol for Groupon be available?

Basically it will not have a stock symbol until the powers that be make the decision that they would like to become a public company. Once it decides to become a public company it will then choose a suitable ticker symbol. It has recently been approached by Google to be purchased, but has rejected t ( Full Answer )

What is the stock symbol for Unequal Technologies?

There is no stock as it is a privately owned company. Micheal Vicks current sponsorship is just hype, the company is small potatoes, stick with the bread and butter companys.

What is the stock symbol for chipotle?

If you are talking about the Mexican grill, I'm almost positive it is just a pepper inside of a circle saying the name of the restaurant..

What is the stock symbol for Advocare?

There is not a stock symbol for AdvoCare International L.P. Thecompany is a privately held direct sales company. As of 2014, thecompany has over 225,000 independent distributors.

What is the Baltimore raven stock symbol?

The Ravens have no stock symbol because they are not a publicly traded company. Only the Boston Celtics (NBA), Florida Panthers (NHL), and Green Bay Packers (NFL ) have stock symbols.

What company has the stock symbol SIRI?

The company that has the stock symbol SIRI is Sirius XM Radio Incorporated. SIRI is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, that is a computerized stock exchange in New York City.

What is the symbol for Walmart stock on the stock market?

Walmart is an American multi-national retail corporation.The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) symbol is WMT.The company is the worlds third largest public corporation and the worlds biggest private employer with over two million employees worldwide.

What is the symbol for Wells Fargo stock?

The ticker symbol for Wells Fargo stock is WFC. A ticker symbol refers to an abbreviation that is used on a stock market to identify that particular company.

What is the stock symbol for pge?

If you mean, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA, Warszawa, the ordinary shares symbol on OTC is PPOEF.

What is a butterball drink?

It is an alcoholic drink made with butterscotch schnapps, coffee,and Baileys irish cream. Some variations are made with butterscotchschnapps, Baileys irish cream, vodka, and half and half.