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The higher calorific value of diesel oil is 44,800 kj/kg and 19,300 btu/lb. The lower calorific value of diesel oil is 43,400 kj/kg.

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What is the caloric value of one liter diesel oil?

39000 BTU

Do lipids have a high caloric value?

Lipids do indeed have a high caloric value.

Which has high heating value diesel orheating oil?

The heating value for diesel overheating oil ranges depends with the grade of oil. It ranges between 132,900 and 137,000 Btu/US gal.

Will the caloric value of 100g hamburger be higher or lower than the caloric value 100g sugar?


What is net caloric value?

value of calories

What is caloric value?


Which produces more pollution petrol engine vehicles or diesel engine vehicles?

Diesel Engine. Due to high caloric value it gives more high milage but it creates pollutions due to incomplete burningg of some gases.

Is diesel a gas or an oil?

diesel is a fuel that has oil in it

What is calorific value of diesel oil?

Hi there, It should around 44 Mj/Kg.

What is diesel oil?

"Diesel oil" or "Heavy oil" is another term for diesel fuel. Not to be confused with "engine oil for a diesel engine" which means lubricating oil specially formulated for use in diesel rather than petrol engines.

What gives the highest caloric value?


Is diesel is type of oil?

Diesel just like gasoline and kerosene are a refinement of crude oil. Diesel is known as 'diesel oil' or 'heavy oil' and is the heaviest distillate of crude oil. Petrol is a spirit and is the lightest distillate.

Minerals have no caloric value and thus do not contribute as an energy resource but they are important in regulating various bodily functions?

Minerals do not have a caloric value so the answer is true.

Can number 4 fuel oil be used in a diesel engine?

No #4 diesel fuel oil is for oil burners and will not ignite in a diesel egine

Is diesel oil and diesel the same?

Diesel fuel is often referred to as "diesel oil" or "heavy oil". Do not confuse this with "engine oil for a diesel engine" which means "lubricating oil specially formulated for use in diesel engines". My first Ford Fiesta diesel's tax disc said - "Fuel - Heavy Oil". They've now realised that this term is anachronistic, and my latest tax disc reads "Fuel - Diesel". To be pedantic - Diesel fuel is an oil - Petrol is a spirit.

What is the caloric value of fat?

9 kcal/g

What engine oil do you need for a 306 diesel?

any diesel oil will be fine

What color is synthetic diesel oil?

The color of synthetic diesel oil is red.

Can you mix diesel oil with non diesel oil?

I am not sure what you are asking but putting oil for diesel engines in a gasoline engine with some oil in it would not be good, or vise versa

What is Net Calorific Value of high speed diesel?

what is calorific value of high speed diesel ? what is calorific value of high speed diesel ?

What type of oil do you use for a chevy diesel?

15w40 diesel rated conventional or 5w40 diesel rated synthetic oil

What are the elements of diesel?

Diesel is refined oil. Oil is made of Carbon (C). So, diesel is a refined form of Carbon.

What is best value of DESIEL engine oil?

You don't necessarily want the cheapest oil, diesels need GOOD oil. I am a diesel mechanic and I highly recommend Shell 15W40 motor oil.

Is oil the same as diesel?

No Diesel is one of many things made from crude oil.

Can you use diesel oil in gasoline engine?

NO, do not use diesel oil and a gasoline engine.