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What is the capacity of GPU?

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How many calculations per second can a GPU make?

Depends on the GPU.

WHAT IS functions of 'GPU' in laptop?

The GPU is responsible for all the graphics rendering. A faster GPU will make video display smoother, enable advanced desktop enhancements, and allow for smooth(er) video gaming.

What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'GPU' in terms of a computer?

Graphics Processor Unit

How much is a GPU?

Depends on your purpose and Screen size Gaming on 1080p will requires a 250$+ Gpu Gaming on 720P will require 130$+ gpu tell me your system specs and your purpose i will suggest a good one

What is a GPU in a computer?

gpu is a graphical processing unit which ables you run high definitions graphics on your PC, which are the demand of modern computing. if you want to run windows vista ultimate edition then it is better if your PC has a gpu. it helps you to get better 3d views. nividia is very well known for it's gpu.

Which is the best cellphone GPU?

iPhone 5's new A6 offers an impressive triple core dedicated GPU

What Does hammer use my GPU or CPU?

hammer uses Both- GPU to render the scene in, and your CPU to compile the maps and perform calculations.

What is a GPU device in computer science?

The GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is a processor that takes graphic calculations and explains them to save the main GPU from the burden of many tasks such as 3D gaming. It can increase the performance of the device to maximize its uses.

How do you check GPU temps if no program is showing it- I have tried HWmonitor GPU-Z RivaTuner Everest - i did a restart and installed them properly but i see no GPU temp-9800GT.?

First I need to know what brand of game card.

What causes the rrod?

loose gpu or cpu

What does GPU stand for?

Graphics Processing Unit

What company operated three mile Island plant?

At the time of the Three Mile Island Accident, the company was owed by the General Public Utilities Corporation (GPU) and operated by Metropolitan Edison Company (Met Ed), a GPU subsidiary. GPU merged with FirstEnergy in 2001.

What is a GPU?

The word GPU stands for Graphics Processing unit, it's found on all video cards. Modern Video cards have that chip hidden under a heat-sink and fan. The GPU plays an important roll, Like the computer's Processor the GPU Is the Brain, and it has to perform various calculations and tasks. The GPU controls 3D graphics, textures, and all the other important elements that involves the production of an image or movie. The GPU hasa lot of important tasks to do, and it has been advanced over years to handle many tasks and produce stunning graphics and almost "lifelike" details.I hope I solved your question.Cheers!

When upgrading a video card why might you upgrade your power supply?

It depends on the GPU you want to use. Check out the specifications for the required power of the GPU you want to use.

How can CPU RAM be converted to GPU RAM?

It can't.

Where is the GPU cooler located in a computer?

On the graphics card.

What is the full form of Gpu?

Grapics proccesing unit

What does acronym gpu stand for?

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It is what is inside a video card that processes all of the video being sent to your computer screen. - ElectroGoofy

What is a GPU water block?

A GPU water block is a cooling heatsink that uses water fed from a machine to loop through to cool, kind of like a car radiator.

Can we put a intern GPU outside?

You can buy and external GPU housing from amazon. There are a bunch of companies that make them now. But they require thunderbolt 3 connection (all mac books have them, brands are starting to release windows pcs with them now). Just look up external gpu on amazon.

Why does my Laptop Display shut off when I watch videos?

overheating GPU. Check your ram, and change it. If you use 2 rams, make sure both are same brand,capacity,speed. Take immidiate action on this or your display will get a fatal hit.

What is the difference between laptops and gaming laptops?

both laptop has garapics chip.GPU the difference is the the gaming laptop have class 4,5 GPU and other laptop have class 1,2,3 GPU

Why GPU is required?

The graphics processing unit or GPU is a specialized microprocessor that offloads and accelerates graphics rendering from the central processor. It is the brains of the video card, so it is necessary, and it is required for fast smooth gaming. The most popular GPU manufacturers include Nvidia with world leading 3d tech and ATI.

Why does Xbox get rrod?

The xbox 360 typically red rings when the cpu (or gpu, cant remember which) over heats. It does this to prevent the cpu/gpu from destroying itslef. This usually occurs if the cooling fans somehow fail or the protective thermal paste that is around the gpu/cpu starts to lose it heat protection.

The oringis of the Russian people?

GPU - Gosidarstvennoe Politicheskoe Upravlenie