What is the capital of Svalbard?

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The capital city of Svalbard (archipelago in Norway) is the town of Longyearbyen.
(pop. 2000)
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Why is there no HIV or AIDS in Svalbard?

It is certainly true that, when reading the UNAIDS statistics, Svalbard seems to stand out as having no reported cases of HIV and AIDS; but this probably is not as strange as it may at first seem.. What isolated statistical facts like this fail tell you is that Svalbard is an isolated Arctic archip ( Full Answer )

Where is Svalbard located?

Svalbard is located far north of the ARCTIC circle about 600 miles from the north pole. it is in Norway territory and u can fly from oslo or tromso. it is at the north east of Greenland and almost due north of Norway longyearbyen is the capital of spitsbergen which is 1 of 3 islands to make up t ( Full Answer )

Why Is Svalbard so cold?

Svalbard is so cold because it is inside the Arctic Circle, with along winter period (and very short days in winter).

Why is Svalbard a fantastic place?

Svalbard is a fantastic place because its a great place for scientists and its the farthest north inhabited place ever. There are also loads of polar bears.

Who owns Svalbard?

Currently, Norway owns Svalbard. They have the same currency, the same language, and the same geography.

What is svalbard like?

Svalbard is (in my opinion) an amazing place. Why? Well because it holds so many features in which are extraordinary such as, Northern lights, Seed vault and painted houses. It is also very cold (Because it is inside the Arctic Circle) Hope that helped :)

What is the currency in svalbard?

The currency in Svalbard is the Norwegian krone (NOK). The officiallanguage is Norwegian and the 2012 estimated population is 2,642.

How will global warming affect Svalbard?

Svalbard has sea ice in winter, and glaciers all the year round,but it is also warmed by the North Atlantic Drift, a warm currentthat continues from the Gulf Stream. Global warming may change the movement, direction and temperatureof the ocean currents, so any change will mean colder temperaturesfo ( Full Answer )

How was svalbard formed?

Svalbard is believed to have been discovered as early as the 12th century. The islands were used for fishing, whaling, hunting, etc. Svalbard was first indisputably discovered by the Dutchman Willem Barentsz in 1596. The archipelago would then be settled by the Danish, Dutch, English, French, Norweg ( Full Answer )

What animals live in Svalbard?

Some animals that live in Svalbard are polar bears and arctic foxes. These animals can suffer cold conditions and suit Svalbards surroundings! Other animals live their as well! unicorns The previous user got the answer wrong. Animals include, reindeer, polar bears, gannets, ptarmigans, whales, arct ( Full Answer )

What is the average temperature in summer in Svalbard?

Summers in Svalbard are extremely cool, but not bitterly cold. Temperatures are actually quite predictable and are typically in the 40's in the day and 30's at night. It rarely makes it into the 50's, though this is occurring more these days (The High Arctic is warming more than anywhere on the glob ( Full Answer )

What is the jobs in svalbard?

Most people in Svalbard either work in the mining industry, the tourism industry or doing research at the University. There are also jobs in some shops & bars.

How cold is svalbard?

Svalbard is extremely cold the max tempreature is 5 degrees and the lowest is -17 degrees.

Who discovered svalbard?

William Barentz discovered it in 1596 (with the Dutch), though it may have been visited centuries prior by Scandinavians.

How long from Svalbard to London?

You need to fly to Norway first. If you fly to Oslo, it takes 3 hours from Svalbard to Oslo, and another 2 to London.

What is famous about svalbard?

It has the distinction of being the northernmost of many things, such as northernmost city, ATM, university, etc...

Is there any water in Svalbard?

Svalbard is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean. There is plenty of running water in the summer with melt streams from glaciers and melting snow.

Why the Global seed bank in Svalbard?

the global seed vault was built in svakbard because they could dig deep into the mountain so they could build it into the mountain because they needed somewhere big.

What transport goes from leeds to svalbard?

The easiest method is probably a series of flights; Manchester-Heathrow-Oslo-Tromso-Longyearbyen. Be warned that if timed wrong this takes 28 hours, but once a week a set of flights do it in just under nine.

How do you travel around svalbard?

Snow mobiles (AKA snow machines or scooters) are permitted in most locations. During the summer, you can drive - there are roads. Boats are useful as well.

What is svalbard famous for?

Svalbard is an island near Norway and if famous for it's polar bears and snow. There are many eskimos living in Svalbard and there are some snob-based events, though nothing too interesting. I think the main attraction is the Northern Lights, but you might want to google that before putting it into ( Full Answer )

What is the main religion on svalbard?

There are very few people in Svalbard, and I would think they are some form of Christianity. There is only 1, non-denominational church.

Why is Svalbard important?

Svalbard is important because the snw is melting and we need to help all the animals in danger

What do people wear at svalbard?

They wear clothes appropriate for the weather. In the summer it's relatively warm, and a light jacket will suffice. In winter, you might need many layers with hat, gloves, balaclava....

How much snow is at svalbard?

Very little - much of the high Arctic is technically a desert and gets very little precipitation.

What are your impressions on Svalbard?

Svalbard can be very bleak and scary, especially if you arrive during the Arctic night. It is however stunningly beautiful. The weather takes some serious adjustment to get used to. The town of Longyearbyden is small, but provides everything needed, the number of young families present was startlin ( Full Answer )

What is svalbards precipitation?

Precipitation is very light being in the High Arctic. Mostly it is in the form of snow, but in the summer months it is typically rain. It is heavier on the east side and up in elevation where orographic effects are enhanced. Longyearbyen, the capital, averages only about 200mm annually.

When will all the ice in svalbard have melted?

Svalbard's glaciers are estimated to be roughly in balance. Some are surging so they are difficult to gauge. There is a very large amount of ice on Svalbard, so even if they were clearly melting, it would take a very long time to become ice free.

Why do polar bears live in Svalbard?

Why not? There's plenty of sea ice, a necessity for their habitat, it doesn't get too warm in the summer, and there are very few people.

Why is svalbard 24hrs dark?

Because it is well above the Arctic Circle, where the Earth is tilted too far from the sun during winter months for any sunlight to reach it. During summer, however, it is opposite - 24 hours of sunlight.

Where in Svalbard can you find the most animals?

Different animals prefer different habitats. You'll find the polar bears, walruses, and seals on the east side more often because they generally need sea ice. Reindeer and Arctic Fox are everywhere. Birds tend to have some preferred havens that you can google for a better idea.

What is the crime rate of Svalbard?

There is basically no crime in such a remote region. Polar bears have already killed more people than people ever will up there.

How many animals live in Svalbard?

Well, I don't know how many, but some of the more common are walruses, different birds, geese and gulls. Also Arctic foxes, and there is such a thing as a Svalbard reindeer. Look it up if you don't believe me. And of course, lots of fish and bacteria and small things in the water in and near it.

What is Svalbard official language?

The official language of Svalbard is Norwegian, most also speak English (The University teaches in English) and a significant percentage speak other languages as well.

What sports are in svalbard?

Mostly Skiing. But in Longyerabyen they have a sports centre where you can play tennis or swim.

Who lives in svalbard?

Normal people like you and me. But they just live in a cold isolated place. I Longyearbyen (capital) they have a small supermarket to source the whole town/city. Further into the vicious north and more isolated parts inuits live. The people there are just like us.

How could you get to svalbard?

Some cruises of the Norwegian coast go to Svalbard, however the safest and cheapest method is a flight from Tromso to the one public airport on the island which is in Longyearbyen, this flight goes about once a day, flights from Tromso to the Norwegian capital Oslo are far more regular. There are a ( Full Answer )

How long do winters in Svalbard last?

This really depends on what you want to count as winter. There is snow all year round and the temperature remains consistently sub-zero until early May. The Arctic night ends in March and the arctic day starts in early May.

What Is Happening in svalbard at the moment?

The melting Ice has exposed a secret government military bunker, when the bunker was spotted, stories came out pertaining to this huge underground facility cut into a mountain was a store bank for 10,000 variates of seed. So why the secrecy and why such a vast complex.

How many schools are in svalbard?

There is one main school in Longyearbyen, Svalbard for all ages of school children, there is also a kindergarten and a University- UNIS, which is part of the University of Tromso.

Is Svalbard a city or a town?

Svalbard is non of the above. Its an island chain North of Norway, East of Greenland. Its largest settlement is Longyearbyen with a population of about 2500 inhabitants. Svalbard is part of Norway.

What ocean is near Svalbard?

Svalbard is in the Arctic Ocean. It is halfway between the North Pole and Norway.