What is the capital of the state Orissa?

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Bhubaneswar is the capital of the Indian state of Odisha (formerly known as Orissa). Patna was the capital of the province Bihar and Orissa in British India.
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What is the telephone area code for Orissa state in India?

There are numerous telephone area codes in the state of Orissa(Odisha). You have to specify the city or town. For example,Bhubaneswar is area code 0674, which is +91 674 in in

Where can i get admission in orissa engineering colleges where my State rank outside general 3122 orissa jee 2009?

hmmmm.from my opinion u can get some options like GITA, NMIET, GEC MIET,NIT and many more from them u should recommend NMIET because it has its own research and development

I got 9954 rank in outside state ranking in orissa jee which college will i get?

spirants of ojee , b.tech and medical...those who seek admission in any private colleges in prime location of bhubaneswar, need to contact 9778783150 (sumit)..admission will b

What state has the capital?

Every state has a capital but if you mean capital of the US that'sWashington DC. That's not in any state but it's close to Marylandand Virginia.

Where is Orissa?

Orissa is in the Eastern Part of India, Surrounded by Andhra Pradesh, Chattishgarh, West Bengal and Bay of Bengal.

Why do you have capitals of states?

Because a state was originally it own country (in Europe a state is a country) that created there own laws governed by an overall union that was supposed to preserve Life, Lib