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The capital of the state of Illinois is Springfield, not Chicago. It is located a little southwest of the center of Illinois.

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Chicago does not have a capitol. It is a city in Illinois. Chicago is known for its wonderful museums.

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Q: What is the capitol of Chicago?
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What is the capital Chicago illinios?

Chicago is not the capitol of Illinois. Springfield is the capitol of Illinois. There is no capitol of Chicago because Chicago is a city.

What state is Chicago the capitol?

None. Chicago is the largest city in Illinois, but it is not the capital. The capital of Illinois is Springfield.

What is the capital of Chicago ILL?

There is no capitol of Chicago. Chicago is a city.

How many miles is it from Laredo Texas to Chicago Illinois?

1399.13 Miles from capitol to capitol.

What is the capitol of Barack Obama's home state?


Why Chicago is call a slaughter house?

because it is the meat capitol

What country is in Chicago?

No country is in Chicago. Chicago is the capitol of Illinois. Illinois is a state in the United States.

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Unfortunately, there is no one train service between Chicago and Florida. The fastest way to get to Florida is to take the Capitol Limited from Chicago to Washington and change to the Silver Meteor for destinations in central and east coast Florida.

Where is the closest Amtrak station to Granville Ohio?

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