What is the capitol of Persian royal?

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What was the Persian capitol?


Is Alexandria Egypt the capitol of the Persian Empire?

Alexandria was not the capitol of any empire, it was the capitol of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, but was never part of Persia

What is the civilization that built the Royal Road?


Where did the Persian royal road begin?

The capital Susa.

Who created the Royal Road and reorganized the Persian Empire into satrapies ruled by a satrap?

King Darius I created the Royal Road and reorganized the Persian Empire into satrapies ruled by a satrap.

Which Persian king built the Royal Road?

darius I darius I

A sentence for satrap?

satrap is a royal governor in the Persian empire.

What was the famous Persian transportation route?

Royal Road (Highway)

What is the common name of the royal Persian body guards?


Which royal Persian title did Alexander The Great adopt?

The king of the kings

Persian city located farthest east on the royal road?


Why was the Persian royal road important?

How bout You figure it out yourself Idiots

What was the main advantage of the Royal Road?

The Royal road was constructed to aid in communication throughout the Persian empire from Sardis to Susa.

How long was the royal road?

The Persian Royal Road was used by both royal messengers and Alexander the Great. It was 1,500 Miles long and stretched from Susa to the Aegean Sea.

What did King darius build to unite the Persian empire?

He built the Royal Roads

The heart of the Persian communication network existed due to the development of?

The royal road

Why was the Persian royal road so important?

Satraps had to use it for Darius's control

What Civilization built the Royal Road?

The Royal Road ran through what is now the Middle East. It was originally built by the Persian civilization.

What has the author M Ghulam Akber written?

M. Ghulam Akber has written: 'The new royal English-Persian dictionary' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, English language, Persian, Persian language

What was the purpose of the Royal Road?

The Royal Road was built to facilitate rapid communication throughout the very large Persian empire from Susa to Sardis.

Who created the great royal road?

In the fifth century BCE, the Persian king Darius I built the Royal Road to connect his massive empire.

What is the Great Royal Road?

The Royal Road linked the capital of the Persian Empire with the west of Asia Minor, facilitating the movement of couriers and armies.

What was the famous road that linked various parts of the Persian Empire together?

The royal road.

What 2 major Persian cities were connected by the Royal Road?

Jerusalem and Athens :) @Laurelsprinsgs

What is the origin of the surname Majdoub?

The surname Majdoub is an ancient royal Persian name and not Lebanese.