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What is the car repossession law in NY There were no specifics for NY Is there a site that the law can be found?


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Repos are covered by a number of different laws: contract,civil and depending on the actions of those involved crimminal law.Its best to ask a specific question and perhaps someone can point you in the rightdirection.


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Depends. Are you receiving the car or are you selling the car.Repossession = againRepossession = ownershipRepossession = gaining ownership again

who is allow to do Vehichle/car repossession? when is a vehichle/car repossession not allowed? whats the minimum insurance needed for car repossession?

How do you write a car repossession letter?

is concealing a car from repossession a felony in georgia?

The repossession process of a car usually takes about 6 months

A repossession is a repossession, no matter if it is voluntary or not. Your credit will be ruined for 7 years.

I don't think keeping a car slated for repossession in Illinois is a felony. Yes you can it is a felony in the state of Illinois if you hide your car or any morgaed property from a secured creditor,It is called Concelment of Colleteral.Check the state of illlinos genaral assambley web site

You might be able to get a personal loan after a car repossession. However, you would get the loan at a very high interest rate one the repossession is on your credit report.

The repossession stays on your credit report for 7 years.

Possibly, but they can certainly prevent you from interfering, as it is no longer your car, hence the repossession.

In GA Can you get your car back after a repossession if you file chapter 13 bankruptcy

The tow/repossession company has to notify the police of the repossession so the car can't be reported stolen..

The contract should include the applicable terms in case of a repossession. If there are no specifics as to the action, the laws of the state in which the vehicle loan was granted apply.

The repossession agent shows up and takes the car if everything goes correctly.

It can show at any time. A repossession is compleated as soon as the car is picked up so it does not matter what happens after the repossession it still did happen.

I only know about the state of Massachusetts. And yes in our state they have one hour to report the repossession to the police department in the town of which the car was taken.

No, you have it wrong. The repossession guys found THE BANK'S car. Once the bank takes the right paperwork to the court, the vehicle is no longer yours and you have no rights to it. The bank may have hired a private investigator to find the vehicle, especially if there is enough value that they want to pay off some of the loan.

When doing a repossession in Texas can you block their car in?Check with the local police departments. You probably can, as long as the car is NOT parked on private property.

Then tell the Repossession agents where it is and who has it.

Yes. They can! The car is their equity basically!

A repossession on your credit is NOT GOOD. Avoid it if there's anyway possible. You say the car is SOLELY in your name?? GO GET IT and sell it.

contact repossession companies or car dealerships in your area

what are the legalities of voluntary vehicle repossession

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