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what is the cause and treatment of little reddish pinkish rash bumps that appear just around the stomach and spread to the bac with itching?

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Q: What is the cause and treatment of little reddish pinkish rash bumps that appear just around the stomach and spread to the back with itching?
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What color is your stomach?

pinkish redIts a pinky colour. Your stomache is a kind of reddish pink.

What color is a stomach?

Pinkish red

Is stomach itching a sign of pregnancy?


What is the color of the stomach wall?

A reddish color

Red and Itching bumps on dog on legs and stomach?

If it's weeping, probably poison ivy. Dont let it lick or scratch it. Contact a vet for treatment options.

What color is human stomach acid?

pink or reddish

What is the treatment for stomach cancer?

removal of parts of the stomach

How do you get small ticks on dogs stomach?

Well it gets them by itching most of the time.

Lesions in the lining of the stomach?

What is the treatment

What is the medical term meaning specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of stomach and intestinal disease?

A gastroenterologist is a physician specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines.

What is the treatment for stomach cramps and diarrhea and you feel with stranger voices from your stomach and gases?

Printer Ink

Can stomach cramps occur after radiation treatment?


What color is your stomach organ inside your body?

I would say it is a pinkish color from all of my research . hope this helps anybody

What are some of the symptoms of gonorrhea?

Some symptoms of gonorrhea could be anal itching or bleeding, painful urination, genital itching, abnormal bleeding between periods, stomach pain, fever and swollen glands.

Could fresh lemonade cause itching on sides of stomach and back?

There is such a thing as a citrus allergy, so the answer is yes.

What colour is the stomach?

it is a pinkish greyishfun fact: your stomach is as big as your knuckles on both sides put together

What is an under skin rash on stomach sides of back and breasts with no itching or pain?

A good reason to see the doctor ASAP.

What are the results of stomach flushing?

Stomach flushing is usually tolerated by patients and is a temporary treatment, performed in conjunction with other therapies.

How do you get rid of a dark line across your stomach?

You can get rid of an unsightly dark line that is stretched accross your stomach by consulting your local physician or doctor and asking to recieve a stomach botox treatment.

Is there a cure for gastric cancer?

Even though there is no exact cure, there are treatment plans. The main form of treatment is surgery, where the doctor, depending on how advanced the cancer is, will romave a portion of the stomach or the whole stomach. Patients are usually given a course of drug treatment after the operation to kill the remaining cancer cells.

What does the treatment of rhubarb and soda do?

good for digestion. settle upset stomach aches.

What is chlordiazepox-clidinium?

treatment of stomach disorders such as ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome

When does itching of your breasts and stomach begin during pregnancy?

for me, my skin itched when my skin really began to about 6 months pregnant

What are the signs of you starting you first period?

painful pains at the bottom of your stomach, heavy discharge. your period blood when you first start will be a reddish brown colour!

Is it normal to get bloated and itchy stomach in beginning of pregnancy?

if you've verified with a doctor that you are indeed pregnant..then yes, it is. Palmers cocoa butter for the tummy will relieve the itching and the soon to come stretch marks. It's also good for any other skin itching you have.