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The sound you are hearing is a relay clicking on and off. If your turn signals work fine then its probably not that one. While you can hear the clicking remove the relays one by one until the sound stops and that will tell you which system is affected. In my case the low and intermittent setting for my wipers did not work and the switch was turned on without my noticing it so the wiper relay clicked constantly without the wipers going. I did not realize that it was the problem until I bumped the switch into the proper off position and the sound stopped.

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How do you install a turn signal switch in a 1993 Honda Accord four door model?

How do you install a turn signal switch in a four door 1993 Honda Accord

In cold weather turn signal does not work?

1995 hond accord in cold weather turn signal does not work?

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How do you replace the Front turn signal light on a 1997 accord?


My signal lights don't work on my 1996 Honda accord ex?

Most likely a bad turn signal flasher

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Why doesn't your turn signal blink in your 1996 Honda Accord?

If a turn signal does not blink on a 1996 Honda Accord that it is time for it to be changed. To change the bulb and locate the light housing and remove the older light. Replace the light.

Where is the dimmer switch for a 2006 Honda accord?

Push & pull the turn signal stalk.

How can you tell a turn signal flasher is out in 92 Honda Accord?

the turn signals will not work

What does P1382 mean on 1996 Accord?

P1382 = Cylinder Position Sensor 1 No Signal.

What is causing 1997 Accord to not signal?

My 1997 Honda Accord was crashed into a snow bank, broke front left turn signal light(Bulb+assembly). Soon after the crash, the rear left turn signal began blinking rapidly. Several days after, the whole turn signal system shut down (all four blinkers stopped blinking). I replaced the bulb+assembly for the left, turn signal switch, and turn signal relay and checked the fuses. The hazard lights work, but the turn signals don't. I did everything I could replacing parts. Does anyone know what is wrong with my accord?

1993 accord SE blinkers do not work?

Check fuse Replace turn signal flasher

Why the signal switch and hazard lights don't work on a 1993 Honda accord?

it dont have lights

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1996 Honda Accord?

its right above the kick panel the first black relay if you pull it out it says turn signal on the panel

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How do you replace the right turn signal lens in the bumper on a 1996 Honda accord?

There is a screw on the side of the signal, you can reach it through the middle of the bumper. unscrew that and the whole signal will come out of the bumper. pop the clips and then the lens will come off

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Where is the fuse for turn signal on 1994 Honda accord?

should be located underneath the dash board by the steering colum.

How do i fix a blinker in a 91 accord that won't turn off?

sounds like a turn signal switch is shorted

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