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ball joints

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Q: What is the cause of F150 front end shimmy?
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What might cause a car to shimmy?

Worn front end parts, suspension issues, slipped belt in the tires, tire balance problem.

What would cause the front end on a 94 G20 conversion to shimmy and vibrate?

First thing to do is to have the wheels balanced.. If that don't fix it, have the front end aligned, and they will tell you if it needs tie rod ends or other front end parts. HTH, Chuck

What would cause the front end to shimmy and the tires to skip on tight turns through parking lots on a 1996 jeep Cherokee sport?

check the steering stabilizer

What label did shimmy shimmy koko bop appear on?


What causes front end to shimmy on 2001 grandprix?

Wheel bearings are the most common for causing a vibration.

What would a bad tie rod do?

I t can cause a shimmy in the front end while driving if it is wore bad enough. It can cause your tires to wear abnormally. If it completely breaks, it can cause you to loose control of steering on the tire that it broke off of.

What would cause the abs light to come on and front end shimmy when brakes are applied on a 2001 Chevrolet impala?

Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner to determine problem with ABS light Sounds like rotors may be out of round causing shimmy need to be resurfaced or replaced

What would cause the wheel to shimmy when the tie rod end is good?

balanced or bent rim. 65;

Car shimmy at a complete stop not all the time?

How does a car's front end shimmy at a complete stop? Shimmies only happen with the car moving. Need more specific information in the question.

Why does your steering wheel shake?

Your automobile may have a tire out of balance or a worn part in the front end causing this "shimmy" effect .

Why your steering wheel shakes?

Your automobile may have a tire out of balance or a worn part in the front end causing this "shimmy" effect .

What would cause front end shimmy in 1999 Chevrolet z71 truck?

Wheels and tires out of BALANCE. Bad idler arm, control arm bushings worn out. Belt broken in tire. front end parts worn out. I would have the tires balanced FIRST. That's the cheapest thing to do.

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