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What is the cause of a grinding sound when you make a tight turn?

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Fill the Power Steering resirvoir up.

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What would cause your 02 Dakota to make a grinding or growling sound when you go left but not right?

check your wheel bearings.

Why does my car make a grinding sound when I shift my gear into drive and it won't click into drive?

Cause you don't know how to drive

What causes Right front tire area to make deep grinding sound making an extreme righ turn?

Have your brakes checked, rust or wear on brakes can cause grinding when turning.

What sound does a car make when the bearings are going bad?

Usually it'll be a grinding sound.

Why does your car make a grinding sound when you accelerate?

Neenor. neenor.neenor.

Will your 1992 Chrysler lebaron make noise if the front left differetial is going out its making a grinding sound changed axle and wheel bearing?

Yes, the differential can make a grinding sound.

Why does your car make an awful grinding sound when you turn especially to the right and vibrates slightly when stopped?

The "awful grinding sound" might be a problem with your power steering

Why does your car make a grinding sound when you turn left?

wheel hub

What would cause your car to make a grinding sound while turning your wheel to the right while driving only?

The grinding is a worn CV joint. Get it replaced before it causes more damage! A worn wheel bearing will make the same noise answer worn wheel bearings or worn brake pads will be the cause

What sound do bunnies make?

Faint grinding noises, cooing, growling, and spitting.

Why does your car make a loud cracking sound after you start it?

because the gears are grinding together if its an old car it will make a louder crack sound

What would cause your car to make a grinding sound while traveling at speeds under 35 mph?

Are we talking about the front wheels or the rear? Have you checked your wheel bearings?

Do your hips make a grinding sound when you walk?

No If your bones are grinding against each other you really need to go see a bone specialist.

What sound would a faulty wheel bearing make?

scraping sweeking grinding clicking sounds like something is grinding will be most apparent when turning

What does it mean when your brakes make grinding noise when you stop?

The brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced. The grinding sound means your brakes are about to stop working.

What makes a grinding noise when turning the steering wheel?

A defective CV joint will make a grinding noise when you turn the steering will. A bad strut can also cause a grinding noise.

Do crawfish make any noise?

Mine does. It makes a type of grinding sound and blues bubbles.

What sound does your teeth make when you grind it together?

When you grind your teeth it will sound similar to a person rubbing chalk on a chalkboard. Not a screeching sound, but a grinding, smoothing sound. It can damage your teeth.

What sound does fish make?

Fish make some noises while they are eating. Goldfish have pharyngeal teeth that make noises when they are grinding food.

Why would the transmission make a grinding sound when putting it into park from drive but not the other way around?

you have got to make sure your not rolling

What would make a grinding sound underneath the car when the car is running?

check the U joints in the drive shaft

Can bones rub together?

Yes, if the cartilage is damaged. It doesn't necessarily hurt. It can make a grinding or clicking sound.

What would cause a 2006 F150 make a grinding noise when step on the throttle brake pads have all been replaced still have a grinding noise?

your barrins in the wheels

What causes a dodge truck to make a grinding noise in the front that happen off and on?

Are you Breaking when you get the grinding sound? Or attempting to switch to 4 wheel? Most common grinding sound I know is a worn out brake pad tearing up a rotor. Time for a brake job. New rotors and quality pads can be had for about 150 if you do the labor yourself.

What sounds does low power steering fluid make?

Sort of a weird gurgling/grinding sound >_< like "errrrrr" lol