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poison ivy? bug bite? allergic reaction? try using a cream to get rid of it and if it doesn't go away, maybe see a doctor

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Q: What is the cause of a red rash that started on the thigh and spread after you went camping?
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What could be wrong if you have a rash that started on your thigh and spread to your ankle and is now on the head of your penis?


What could a very red itchy rash be that started on the inner thigh and spread to other body parts such as arms face and belly and has spread to family members?

do you both/all suffer from the same allergy? if so it could posibly be that

What can cause numbness only in your thigh?

Pressure on or inflammation around a nerve in your low back can cause numbness just in your thigh. Consult your doctor.

What could cause a sharp piercing burning pain in my left thigh?

sharp burning pain in right thigh is this diff from left thigh pain!

What could cause numbness in the outside of the thigh?

meralgia paresthesia

What can cause the skin to peel from around the scrotum and inner thigh?

Dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, and yeasts infections can cause the skin to peel in the areas of the scrotum and inner thigh.

What could cause a hard lump in the inner thigh?

i have it sometimes and i have herpes

Can inner thigh rashes cause due to jeans pant?


Can a pinched nerve cause right thigh pain?

yes i had the same

Where do platypuses spread their venom from?

The hollow spur on a male platypus's ankle is attached to a venom gland in its thigh.

Does chocolate cause thigh rashes?

i know it causes pimples on the face but i have never heard of a rash on your thigh unless you need to be checked for an allergy.

Can topamax cause a rash on your inner thigh?

I don't know if Topamax is the cause yet--but I developed a mysterious rash on my inner thigh after beginning to take Topamax. I have switched laundry detergent, body wash, have not started eating anything new lately, so can't figure out any other possible cause. Rash is listed on the literature as a "rare" side effect of Topamax. I take 200mg per day.

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