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You should eat less greasy foods. It seems to be a build up of fat.

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Q: What is the cause of a small lump behind the left ear?
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Small lump of left side of head above ear?

A small lump on the left side of the head could possibly be a cyst. However, only a medical professional can determine the cause for a lump on the head.

What causes a lump behind the eye?

There are many things that could cause a lump behind the eye such as cancer. Infection could also cause a lump.

I have had a Small lump right behind my left ear it does not hurt.?

It could just be a swollen lymph-node.

What would cause a lump on the left side of a dog behind the ribcage?

Sometimes these are previous injuries or fatty lumps, but any lump should be check out by a vet. Please do so ASAP.

What would cause a lump on the left side flank of a dog behind the ribcage?

a tumor, or your dog bumped into something, or has a cut infection.

What can cause a small lump on the back of left side of neck in a female age 32 no kids it often gets warm painful to touch?

Im 13 and i have the exact same thing a lump on the left side of my neck it's really small .

Can a bad tooth cause a lump behind ear?

yes it causes a lump as big as a goose egg

Is a hard small lump behind the left ear anything serious or is it a swollen lymph node?

If it is hurting or really bothering you, you should see a doctor.

What could cause one lump behind the left ear and one a little higher up?

You have an infection and your lymph nodes are acting up because of it.

What is a Lump in the lower left side of back?

what can cause myclomalacia

What is a lump behind babies left ear?

If that lump just showed up, it would seem to be something abnormal. Discuss this with your child's doctor.

What is the small lump on your neck behind your right ear?

That is your mastoid bone. Or at least it should be.

What is a Lump on scalp behind ear?

what is the lump

HARD lump on left side of head behind ear?

Just wait for it to go away.

Small soft lump behind your ear and it hurts what can it be?

this is probably a cyst and should be looked at by a physician

Small lump behind ears not painful is it swollen lymph node?

could be a parotid tumour

What is wrong if for the past 2 years you have had a painless lump behind your left ear and have low wbc and 6 months ago a lump in left breast?

As you know you have a low wbc count you must have been to the doctor. what did he/she say? I have had a lump behind my ear for years and it is nothing, but when I had a lump in my breast I was at the doctor within 3 days. 90% of breast lumps are innocent, but you should still go to the doctor.

What is a hard lump behind your left ear at the bottom?

This is both on the left and right ears These bumps are just bone, a part of your skull

My daughter has a hard painful lump behind her right ear what could this possibly be?

My son also has a lump behind his ear but on the left. from what i can think it could be an infected lymph node, but the best thing to do would be to contact a doctor.

What could cause a painful lump on the left side of back beside spine?


What is the hard lump behind my left ear which I have had for 2 months?

For anybody to say what the lump is they would have to see the lump. Nobody here can comment on something they cannot see. So the best thing for you to do is go to a doctor.

What type of lump will appear behind a left ear?

It could be anything from a cyst to a pimple. Go to your family doctor.

What is the lump on the back of your head behind your left ear?

That would be your skull, which surrounds and protects your very precious brains.

What is a small moveable lump on the left jaw line?

It could be a cyst. It also could be Castlemans disease

What could be a small painless hard veinless lump between pubic and left thigh be?

...many things