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It sounds like you have two separate problems. Incorrect routing of ventilation is usually caused by bad vacuum motors or loose vacuum lines, but remember that A/C is -supposed to be- routed to the defrost vents when controls are in the Defrost position. The dim temp control readout could be due to a number of causes, but probably isn't related to the other issue you describe.

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Q: What is the cause of ac being mixed to defrost and dash vent plus auto temp control readout is dim?
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What is the cause of ac being mixed to defrost and dash vent plus climate control readout is dim on a 1998 corvette?

I will answer my own question, the a/c coming thru the defrost was due to the battery leaking onto a hose junction under the battery for the heater and eating it away and caused a vacuum leak. The dim readout was due to a bad head on the climate control, total cost at the Chevy dealer $680.00

What would cause a heat pump to freeze up in the winter?

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Defrost on windstar not working what is part needs to be replaced?

Where the air blows out control are vacuum operated.A more common problem is when the air is stuck on defrost only.The cause is essentially the same, so check out the "Related Question" below for where to go next

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What would cause the windshield defroster in a 2002 KIA Spectra to only blow air from the panel and floor vents instead of the defrost vents?

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