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What is the cause of blue smoke from exhaust the blowing blue smoke after that?


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It is caused by oil getting into the combustion chamber and burning off


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Stuck or broken oil rings can cause blue smoke.

blue smoke can be caused by sticking valves or burnt rings

Blue smoke is caused by engine oil being burnt by the engine.

Because my turbo is probably worn out and oil is leaking in to the exhaust.

If your engine is blowing blue smoke your engine is burning oil.If the smoke is present on acceleration, the piston rings are bad.If smoke is present on deceleration, then the valve guide seals are bad.

Blue smoke can be caused by a blown head gasket. . Blue is oil being burned in the engine.

Blue smoke means oil. Rings or valve seats. your car is burning oil.

For steam to come out the exhaust you probably have a bad head gasket or a cracked head. If the turbo had an oil seal fail it would cause blue smoke to come out the exhaust.

A customer's auto is producing blue exhaust. What could cause this

Burning of oil in cars can contribute to blue smoke from exhaust. However, it is also possible for a car to make blue smoke if a turbocharger is broken or experiencing an oil leak.

if you have blue smoke coming into the exhaust that means your piston rings are bad and are letting oil into your combustion chamber and then causing the oil to be burned with your air fuel mixture and that's why your exhaust is blue from having that burnt oil dumped out of the exhaust valve and out the exhaust

Blue smoke from any car usually means that engine oil is being burnt, either inside the cylinder or on a hot surface such as the exhaust manifold, you need to ckeck for an oil leak, blown gasket etc.

My understanding of exhaust smoke is that Blue is oil, Black is unburnt fuel, White is unburnt diesel on cold start. The main question would be, how much smoke and when does it do it?

Depends on the color of the smoke. Blue smoke-oil. Black smoke-unburnt fuel.

White smoke means water, blue/black smoke means oil, black smoke can also mean the fuel mixture is too rich.

Any oil burning will result in "blue" smoke. If you have blue smoke coming out of your exhaust, you definitely have an engine problem

If it blows blue smoke when starting up, that is usually the valve guides need replacing. If it constantly blows blue smoke, you are looking at piston rings. Either way oil is getting into the combustion chamber. If it's valve guides, you need to have the heads looked at, if it is rings, the bottom of the engine needs to come out.

blue smoke is normally related to fuel problem. there is so many things that could cause this that it is best to have it checked by a technician that you trust.

blue smoke comes out the tail pipe when your engine is burning oil caused by a worn engine.

Black and blue smoke means your engine is burning oil. That is bad. You may have a blown head gasket. That is very bad. You may have worn piston rings. That is also bad. I have no idea why your engine is burning oil but the reason is bad.

Blue smoke is burning oil.Blue smoke is burning oil.

Too much pot down the intake.

It could be coolant getting into the exhaust system which could mean that one or more of your car's gaskets are worn out and need repairs

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