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What is the cause of death when you slit your throat?

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There are three possible causes of death when the throat is cut.

The most likely is exsanguination; if the external jugular vein, and/or internal jugular vein, and/or carotid artery are cut the person will bleed to death.

It is also possible, if the throat has also been cut open, to choke to death on the blood.

Another possibility is the occurence of an embolism, if air enters either of the jugular veins.


A nurse once told me to breathe in right before someones slits your throat, and you'll have a better chance of living.


I'm guessing that makes your larynx more pronounced so they have to cut deeper to hit the blood vessels.

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If your throat is slit you will die that moment due to massive blood loss or you will die of blood loss in 4-7 seconds. (i watch a lot of csi and crime shows.)

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