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There is no direct causal connection between having an earthquake and the start of a fire. However, the earthquake might destroy things (electricity cables, buildings, etc.) which when destroyed can cause fire. For example, an oil leak could be caused by the earthquake and with a spark of an electricity cable this could cause a fire. Hope this answers your question.

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Q: What is the cause of fire during earthquake?
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How do earthquake sometimes cause fire?

it can cause a fire if a house get knocked down and the electrical break a fire can start

Identify which seismic waves cause most of the damage during an earthquake?

Surface wave cause the most damage during an earthquake.

Why is fire damage a large concern during an earthquake?

Fire damage to a structure weakens the stability of the structure. Structures with fire damage are a concern during an earthquake due to their stability and the high chances of them collapsing.

Is fire a major problem after earthquake?

It often can be. The earthquake can break gas lines and electricity lines which cause the fires.

What is the main cause for earthquake activity in the ring of fire?

Tectonic Plate movement

Does deformation cause the ground to shake during an earthquake?


How do earthquake cause fire?

Well some were there is gasoline like at a gas station and when that come with a cigar it will catch on fire.

Which seismic waves cause most of the damage during an earthquake?

The L- Wave or the Love and Rayleigh waves (collectively known as surface waves) cause most of the damage during an earthquake.

What would be the least likely result of a earthquake a fire or a thunderstorm?

A thunderstorm would never result from an earthquake. Earthquakes can cause fires by breaking gas lines and electrical wires, but there is no mechanism by which an earthquake could cause a thunderstorm.

Is a fire a secondary effect of earthquakes?

Fire is often, but not always a secondary effect of earthquakes. If the earthquake strikes a populated area, it is likely to break natural gas pipes, and to cause other damage in human structures that will result in fires. In an unpopulated region, an earthquake may not cause a fire.

Which wave cause the most movement of the rocks during an earthquake?

S waves

Which seismic wave cause most of the damage during an earthquake?

surface waves

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