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What is the cause of headaches?



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There are several possible causes, from internal (blood flow, stress) to external (noises, light) .

Stress causes higher blood pressure. Dehydration decreases blood flow and affects the fluid your brain is suspended in inside your skull. High sodium increases blood pressure. Also caffeine withdrawal, as when you're going through caffeine withdrawal your blood pressure goes up.

To clarify, blood pressure is the force blood exerts on the walls of arteries and veins. Higher blood pressure makes veins and arteries expand and the brain has a limited amount of unfilled space. Veins and arteries expand and constrict as needed partially depending on the pressure in them.


Many things can cause headaches. It generally depends on what type of headache you are referring to, such as tension, sinus, migraine, or cluster headache.

For your average headache, anything from sleep deprivation, to dehydration, to poor nutrition, to low blood sugar, to too much caffeine or caffeine withdrawal, to constipation, and so forth. It is a long, long list.

Some headaches start because of a lot of noise around you.

Some headsches also start from being in the heat too long.

Also some headaches start because you are sick with a cold or fever.

And some headaches can come out of nowhere, with no discernible cause.

Overexertion, eyestrain, not enough sleep, and mental unease can all trigger headaches.

There are actually so many causes and so many different types of headaches, that this question is going to be hard to answer.

Primary Headaches

(migraine, tension, and cluster headaches)

the causes for these aren't really understood...

Secondary Headaches

headaches due to underlying structural problem (bleeding in the brain, tumor, ect.)

cranial neuralgias, facial pain, and other headaches

headaches due to inflamed nerves in the head and upper neck

There are lots of factor that can cause of headache. Here is a list of common causes of headaches, knowing which of these headache causes applies to you can determine the type of headache that you are suffering from. We urge you to see our types of headaches page in addition to this for more valuable information.

  • Hereditary genes
  • Eyestrain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Menstruation
  • Pregnancy

well firstly its either a clodded blood vessel in ur head or a busted one in ur head very painful to get rid of is too sit down relax and close ur eyes for a few minutes that should cure it :) Hope i helped!