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I had water leaking at the base of the windshield on a Ford F-250. It would run down the inner firewall onto a control module causing lights, blower fans and all sorts of wierd things to turn on with no key in the ignition and the vehicle not running.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-06 02:13:10
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Q: What is the cause of headlights that don't turn off on 1998 Windstar?
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one of two things, BAD EARTH, or Relay switch.

Free repair manual for a 1996 ford windstar?

the wiper dont work

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1997 ford windstar lx 3.8L does anyone have a power steering diagram?

I dont know what you mean by power steering diagram, but the windstar my grandparents own, which they have owned since 1998 (1997 Model) Makes a odd noise when turning, this has been happening since they got it, he has looked at it, and braught it it, nothing can be done with it without paying hundreds of dollars, so they left it, and no problems.

Why dont your high beams turn on but your low beams both work on your 2000 ford expedition Is there a fuse for it?

It sounds like the low beam/high beam switch is bad. Fuses are not the problem since they are built into the headlight switch and would cause headlights to blink or not come on for both high and low beam headlights.

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have you replaced the dimmer switch? if not that may be the problem. I had the same problem in reverse( brights worked but headlights didn't) water damaged the dimmer switch on the steering column once I replaced it all was good.

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