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Mars is rather cold.

With a mean temprature of -46 C Mars cannot be considered to have 'tremendous heat'

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Q: What is the cause of tremendous heat on Mars?
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What is the cause of tremendous heat on earth?

the main cause of tremendous heat on eath is because of friction hope this helps

What is the cause of tremendous heat on Venus?

The thick atmosphere and clouds, which trap the sun's heat

Does radiation cause the earth to lose heat?

Yes, the Earth radiates a tremendous amount of heat away. Fortunately, we have an endless supply incoming from the sun to just about balance that out.

Does mars produce its own heat?

Mars does have inner heat but most of the heat on the outside is from the sun.☺

How much pressure can create one joules of heat?

Almost unlimited. Pressure is force divided by area; if the heat is applied in a very small area (small volume), even a small amount of heat can cause a tremendous pressure.

Can you get heat on Mars?

The planet mars has heat on there because of the redness, and also it is cold, so it is mixed.

Does the sun heat mars?

No, it does not

What process is responsible for the production of tremendous heat of the sun?

Nuclear Fusion

What is the core surface of mars?

it is heat

What problems will astronaut find on mars if they go there?

There is no water on mars or sun light and heat

What shoots from the Suns surface releasing tremendous amounts of energy into space?

Heat rays

What happens to the temperature when people dig into the earth?

the temperature rises at unbarable and tremendous heat

How can someone write a sentence using the words Temperature and Heat?

The doctor examined her and took her tempreature.This machine produces tremendous heat.

Why there is no chance to live in Mars?

you can't live on mars cause there is no pressure

Why is there no poops on mars?

cause there is nothing pooping on mars silly poo

How does Mars provide heat?

Mars does not provide heat - it is actually a cold planet. It absorbs a lot of heat from the sun during it's day, but having almost no atmosphere, it radiates that heat right back out into space again at night.

Surface of Mars?

The surface of mars is 68 degrees in summer and -220degrees in the winter it does not get much heat.

How did Mars got colder?

Mars is cold because there is no atmosphere around it to trap heat from the sun.

Why does Mars orbit the sun slower than mercury?

cause mars is furthur

Why is earth's surface warmer than mars?

One reason is our proximity to the sun. We're closer than mars and therefore get more heat. Our atmosphere is also more dense than Mars' and able to contain the heat better.

Can you trade real estate on Mars or the moon?

no, cause no one owns mars or the moon

What is a body of gas that gives off tremendous amount of radiant energy in the form of light and heat?

A star.

How can you define IT by words?


How can volcanoes grow so large on mars?

It is because of heat

What are the requirements for the biotic factors in Mars?

Water, nutrition, heat,