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What is the cause of tremendous heat on Venus?

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The thick atmosphere and clouds, which trap the sun's heat

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the main cause of tremendous heat on eath is because of friction hope this helps

Mars is rather cold. With a mean temprature of -46 C Mars cannot be considered to have 'tremendous heat'

The thick atmosephere traps the heat

The earth will become like Venus basically because the plants humans will die because of the tremendous heat of the sun

in 1992 2 spacecraft visited Venus but they all died cause of the heat...

No, It's Venus 'cause it traps heat.

Yes, the Earth radiates a tremendous amount of heat away. Fortunately, we have an endless supply incoming from the sun to just about balance that out.

Venus has a very strong greenhouse effect. A greenhouse effect is when the gases in the atmosphere trap more of the Sun's heat. A lot of carbon dioxide, a very dense atmosphere, and a thick blanket of clouds help trap the sun's heat. The transfer of heat by atmospheric currents means both the night and day sides are almost the same temperature. Venus is like this because it is closer to the Sun than Earth so it is naturally hotter. On Earth, it is cool enough for water to condense and form oceans, where carbon dioxide can be absorbed. On Venus, water cannot condense in order to absorb the carbon dioxide so all of it stays in the atmosphere. The temperature is about 460 °C.

It's because of the thick thick Atmosphere which is made of Sulfuric Acid

Yes, the surface of Venus is hot enough to melt lead. Venus radiates loads of heat into space.

Almost unlimited. Pressure is force divided by area; if the heat is applied in a very small area (small volume), even a small amount of heat can cause a tremendous pressure.

Runaway greenhouse effect. Solar radiation heats the planet's surface, but cannot escape.

The heat trapping property of the CO2 in the atmosphere of Venus is known as the runaway greenhouse effect.

Venus has a very thick carbon dioxide atmosphere, which traps the heat from the sun.

because they have no water on Venus it is just heat

Venus is very, VERY hot. Since it is only so close to the sun, it contains a lot of heat. Venus contains gravity and oxygen it is so hot that no one can live on it. The heat is about 842-895 degree's.

The hottest that Venus ever got was 930 degrees because Venus has all the clouds it keeps it's heat in.

in venus the atmosphere traps in heat to make it very hot and cloudy and it rains acid on venus.

cause mercury doesnt trap the suns heat into the surface. It burns in the day time but freezes at the night time. Venus traps the suns heat in its surface.

Quite dangerous to the equipment. The old Soviet Union tried to land probe on Venus about seven times. Only two sent back any data and the data stream was not long. The tremendous pressure of the atmosphere on Venus, the sulfuric acid atmospheric level level and the heat were all accounted for, or so the Soviets thought, and still the probes were basically destroyed.

the temperature rises at unbarable and tremendous heat

The doctor examined her and took her tempreature.This machine produces tremendous heat.

venus closer to the sun the greenhouse gases baked out of the rocks. the greenhouse gases was everywhare even in the atmosphere it cause venus very seriosly global warming and heat trap over billion of years it left venus dry lifeless temp reached to 500 deggres C !!!! hot enough to melt lead! if you try walk thare you will crushed melt by the heat and the acid rain

Well as you know, Venus is the second closes to the sun and so therefore that is what causes the heat on Venus. Not completely true. Mercury is closer, but Venus is still hotter than it. The reason Venus is so hot is because of its atmosphere. It consists of mostly greenhouse gasses that trap the radiant solar energy and keeps it from escaping the planet. Yes, the sun provides the heat to the planet, but it is the atmoshphere that traps that heat and keeps the planet extremely hot.

the temperature and heat