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What is the causes and effects of Revolutionary War?



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Mainly excessive taxation. The colonists disliked being taxed without having a say(taxation without representation). For example, when the Intolerable Acts were passed, many colonists were outraged. Their discontent ultimately led to the Americans Revolutionary War.

Another angle based on examples:

Britain had provided protection at its own expense to the American colonies against the French and Indians. Having budgetary problems they thought it reasonable that the colonies make a contribution and imposed some rather mild tax. Some Americans who were in a certain amount of personal fincial trouble saw the chance to harness the legitimate protesters to their own purposes.

In France the rising urban middle class tired of subjection by the big-landowning class and wanted a share in power. Each side enlisted the lower classes - urban and rural - and the following conflict collapsed both sides and was replaced by different imperial regimes which restored order.

In Russia the troubles of a dysfunctional monarchy trying to cling to power against a rising middle class gave the opportunity for radical Marxism to seize power in a revolutionary war. The lack of industrial capacity to provide the national wealth to support communist theory meant that the regime had to resort to state-owned capitalism to generate it, and when the regime collapsed after 70 years of this, its system had still failed to generate enough wealth to implement communism.

In Rwanda the minority Tutsi kept the majority Hutu people in subjection approaching serfdom. The Hutu revolted and slaughtered many of their oppressors, establishing a new regime which they dominated.

In West Irian, the former Dutch territory, which they had prepared for independence, was taken over by Indonesia, which began to colonise it with Indonesian people at the expense of the Papuans, who established a resistance movement which was too weak and disorganised to gain much traction, but continues sporadic resistance.